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Come on. Just a bit further.

The black rope around Janine's left wrist strained and then snapped. The girl let out a muffled cheer as she raised her left arm and took the hidden knife properly into her hand.

It wasn't like she was paranoid, but she always had one hidden somewhere, just in case, as her training had conditioned her. She quickly cut the rope on her right wrist and then worked on cutting loose the loops around her torso.

The rope didn't spring to life again, whatever had animated it before was gone. And so was the person who had been here a couple of minutes before. They hadn't talked, just gagged her and left her alone.

Janine undid the knot and took off the cloth gag, tossing it to the ground before bending down to remove her ankle ties. As soon as she could stand up again she stretched and also took the fake vampire teeth from her mouth that had been weirdly off-set by the gag, putting them in a pocket before slipping the knife back into it's hiding place as well.

Rushing to the door on the other side of the room, opposite the door she came in through, she pushed her back to the wall and listened intently. No steps, no voices.

Opening the door, she slipped through, finding herself in another hallway, similar to the previous one. She looked around carefully, trying to spot anyone or anything that could jump her. Seeing nothing immediately suspicious, she carefully moved on, minding her surroundings.

Misty awoke with a start. Her arms immediately tugged but didn't move, firmly bound behind her back. Something was forced between her teeth and her legs were tightly roped up as well. She blinked and looked around as best as she could.

She was still inside the mansion, no doubt, but she hadn't been in this room before. She was lying on her side on a wide bed, facing a cosmetics table with a small mirror, slightly illuminated by the candles strewn about. In the mirror she could see a wardrobe on the other side and when she craned her head up a little, she could see the door.

The last thing she remembered was getting ambushed in the dining room, someone tying and gagging her and something moaning and rattling chains in the corner. A shiver ran down her spine. This was no fun any more, Sabrina was going too far with all this.

She strained her limbs again, trying to wiggle out or find some kind of loose spot to gain a little bit more freedom. She took short breaths through her nose and grunted in frustration as the ropes wouldn't budge.

As if to answer her, a quiet rattling and a muffled moan came from the wardrobe behind her.

Misty froze. It didn't sound like chains and the voice was different, but moans in the dark were not good. Especially when she was this helpless. She listened and the moan repeated, more urgently, something weakly banging against the wood.

Wait... if she got me, maybe the others are here too!

She tried to call out, a meek mumble in her mouth-stuffing gag, but she got something that could be considered a response. Moving her legs forward, she managed to slip them off the bed and sit up. Letting her feet touch the ground, she managed to stand up. She could see herself in the mirror, black rope encircling her body and pushing out her chest.

Beats just lying around and waiting., she told herself as she turned awkwardly and started hopping, cursing herself for wearing heels with the costume.

Erika listened intently. She couldn't see and could barely move at all. The bandages didn't seem to hold her inside, but she was completely wrapped up. After getting the attention of whoever was outside, probably in a similar situation, she heard quiet grunts in the room, getting closer.

She tried to move, to at least turn towards the wardrobe doors, but even that proved pretty much impossible. With nothing else to do, she let her back drop against the doors again, but they didn't swing open, as if someone had locked her inside.

Misty stopped in front of the wardrobe, breathing quietly and taking a moment. She was an athletic swimmer, she had stamina, but this took more out of her than expected. Carefully, she moved closer and turned her torso to try and reach out to the knobs with her tied hands. She had to stretch and re-adjust herself a few times, but she finally got a hold of it and managed to turn it, letting her open the door with a quiet click.

At the same time, something dark and tall moved straight for her from inside. It tackled into her and they both tumbled to the ground, squealing in surprise and grunting at the impact.

When Misty's vision focussed again, she saw a figure lying next to her, completely wrapped in what looked like black tape or bandages, even covering her eyes and gagging her. It took her a moment, but she recognized the white-painted skin, the black hair and white kimono that stuck out from the bandages at some points.


She groaned and tried to push her gag out with her tongue, wriggling her head against the floor to try and get it loose, until it finally budged and she could force the stuffing out, coughing for a moment.

"Erika, are you okay?"

The bundle turned her head towards her and gave a muffled response, wriggling on the floor beside her, the bandages tightly hugging her figure. Misty caught herself and quickly looked up to Erika's face again.

"I don't know about you, but I've had enough.", she said with determination, fighting against the ropes again, some of her bravery regained, now that she wasn't alone, even if Erika wouldn't be much help.

Just as she announced this, the door opened, a figure silently moving into the candlelight.
Just one more to go!
Tune in next time for the chilling conclusion.
ImilianArticuno Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
My spine is already suitably chilled!

(It says "wriggling your head" when Erika is trying to push her gag out, by the way. I'll remove this note later.)
SkyChildLeo Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
Not sure if this was unclear or misleading in the text, I'll check it later, but Misty is the one removing her gag, not Erika.
ImilianArticuno Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it wasn't really either, that was my mistake. Sorry, I just looked back up at it briefly after I finished reading the story and picked the wrong name.

(I've been writing about the two of them arguing, so I guess it's an easy, if silly, mistake to make. Sorry about that.)
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