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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
"Hello, Pearl's Bondage Service, how can I help you?"

She smiled at the friendly voice on the other end.

"Yes, hi, I would like to book a session?"

"Certainly, Miss, is that an assistance home service or full domination?"

"Full domination, please." She licked her lips in anticipation, looking back down at the magazine ad. "Oh and I'd like to book that as an all-nighter."


The building looked inconspicuous enough. It appeared more like a small shop, except for the posters in the windows and the name sign above the entrance.

Diana pushed open the door and headed towards the reception desk. The busty secretary smiled sweetly and greeted her. Diana recognized her voice from the phone call. After confirming her name and request code, the secretary directed her towards the staircase leading down.

The stairs led her through a sound-proofing glass door into a short corridor, leading up to a wooden door, labelled as "play room". She stopped in front of it, hesitating for the first time. Her heart was beating in her chest, sending shivers through her body based on anticipation alone. Raisin her hand, she was just about to knock as the door opened.

Pearl was significantly shorter than she appeared in the photograph, but no less erotic. Her predatory eyes sized her up with a small smile before she stepped aside, letting her in.

"Welcome. Come on in." she said in a sultry voice. The room was dimly lit, a large bed on one wall, several other appliances on the other and many different bondage items on shelves or hangers on the third.

"Go ahead and undress." Pearl commanded more than offered, closing the door and locking it, before heading towards a table that already had a few items laid out. Diana complied and took off her coat, her shoes, her skirt and her sweater, leaving her with nothing more than a frilly white set of lingerie, which was so thin that it was almost see-through, leaving little to the imagination.

Returning to her, with some items in hand, Pearl looked over Diana's body again, licking her lips.

"You know how to dress for the occasion." she noted as she put a hand on Diana's shoulder, pushing her down onto her knees rather roughly. "You and me are going to have a good night of fun." Brushing her long, dark hair aside, the mistress put a white leather strap around Diana's neck, fastening it tightly, a tiny lock clicking into place.

"I'm sure you know the ground rules." Pearl whispered, leaning down to her client, giving her a good view of her open cleavage, "But just to be extra sure. As long as you wear this" She yanked lightly at the D-ring in the collar. "you will refer to me as 'Mistress' and not talk back to me, are we clear?"

"Yes, Mistress." Diana answered obediently, her heart beating faster. She could already feel arousal seeping through every part of her body.

"Good." Pearl smiled and yanked a bit harder, pulling her slave to her feet. "Then let's waste no time and get started."

Madeline closed the front door. Since Pearl was booked out for the night, there was no point in keeping it open. For the rest of the night, she was on nothing more than phone duty. Opening one button on her top, she sat behind her desk again, sighing softly.

She was still new to this particular business, and the thought of her employer getting busy with the beautiful client from earlier right now, just one floor below her, made her body feel hot, despite the air conditioning.

She shook her head and tried to think about something else, staring at her computer screen. The company logo desktop did not help one bit.

Slowly, her eyes wandered down to a closed application on the bottom bar. She really shouldn't. It was only there for security purposes, she shouldn't.

Madeline looked up at the door, as if someone could enter any moment. Which was impossible.

Her eyes went back to the application. Slowly, the cursor moved over it.

The sheets on the bed were soft and comforting, much more appealing than any other bed she had ever slept in. Although maybe part of that came from her sensitivity. With a satin blindfold over her eyes and the excitement she was already feeling, any touch felt more intense.

Diana's wrists and ankles were locked in white padded leather cuffs, the same as her collar. Rope fed through the small rings on the wrist cuffs tied them to the bedposts, making the young woman spread her arms. Her ankle cuffs were connected and several white bondage straps wrapped around her thighs and calves, digging into her skin lightly.

If she listened closely, she could hear Pearl's steps on the padded floor, as she stepped around the bed, seemingly gathering her next tool. The steps moved closer and she felt a weight on the mattress next to her. She gasped lightly as the mistress' soft fingers touched her belly.

"I hope you're feeling secure, slave." she addressed her, her tone soft but growing harsher at the last word.

"Y-yes. Thank you, Mistress." she brought out, feeling the delicate fingers trace over her body, running along her lower chest and down to her hips.

"Hmm, you are so well-behaved." She could feel Pearl lying down next to her, her fingers tracing up to her modest chest. "It's good to see you know your place." She grabbed at Diana's left breast harshly for a moment, then softly ran her fingers back down. "But just to make sure you won't be rude to me, I have a little present for you."

She sat back up and something jingled lightly. "Open your mouth." she commanded and Diana complied, feeling something pressed against her lips. "Wider." Pearl said strictly and shoved the ballgag between Diana's teeth as she stretched her jaw open. Diana raised her head so the gag could be buckled, breathing out as it dropped back onto the soft pillow.

Madeline bit her lower lip. Her eyes darted around every now and again, as if someone could be watching. The screen of her computer showed live footage of the playroom, from a camera settled nicely into one of the dark corners. The sound quality was poor, but good enough for her to discern everything.

She really shouldn't be doing this. The thought crossed her mind several times, but it was too captivating for her to resist. Watching Pearl and the client, her hand pressed against her crotch and her lips pressed together, she did her best to stay quiet, even though no one would hear her regardless.

Something softly touched Diana's side, something ticklish. She tried to suppress giggles, but was unable to. The soft touch of the feather danced over her belly and her chest, leaving her twisting and shifting, the first levels of laughter building behind her large gag.

"So sensitive... You weren't kidding when you told Maddy you'd be ticklish." Pearl's voice held much more enjoyment than earlier. The playful tone increased Diana's arousal even more.

"So what if I try it here?" The feather moved down and over Diana's thighs, increasing her soft struggling and quickening her breaths. "Hold still now." The mistress pushed her slave's legs into the sheets and let the feather dance down to her feet. As soon as it brushed between her toes, Diana shrieked into laughter and bit down tightly on the gag in a futile attempt to resist more sounds.

Pearl grinned as she picked up Diana's kicking legs, holding them securely under arm. She moved the feather along, brushing the undersides of her slave's toes as she went from gap to gap, twisting and twirling the soft feather. Diana's body spasmed, her arms and legs pulling at the ropes and Pearl's tight grasp, as the laughter - coupled with soft moaning and whining, as well as pitiful attempts at begging - grew louder, tears running down her cheeks from under the blindfold.

The feather disappeared from her feet, but the mistress didn't let up, tickling Diana's soles with her fingers, making her scream and laugh even louder. Soon, any other sensation disappeared from her consciousness, nothing but the soft torture and the helplessness remained, pleasure building up from both and soon begging for release.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Pearl left her feet alone and placed her legs back down onto the soft sheets.

"Now I'll be right back." the playful voice teased, the soft steps moving away as Diana's body was still shaking, building off the laughter and trying to deal with a whole different sensation. The door was unlocked, fell closed and was locked again.

"Y-yes, Miss, thank you for your business. We look forward to seeing you." Madeline ended the call and set the booking with a deep sigh. She had almost been done when her work had pulled her back into reality. Her face a deep red, she pressed her legs together, feeling the dampness between her thighs. With shaking hands, she clicked back onto the camera application, bringing it back up.

"Maddy." She shrieked and jumped in her seat. Pearl was standing at the stairway, her crossed arms pushing her breasts. How did she not hear her coming? The black heels clicked on the tiled floor as the mistress headed over to her secretary's desk. "Are you keeping busy?"

"U-um, I-I, I mean, y-yes, I..." she stammered in a panic, her face turning to an even deeper shade of red.

Pearl turned the computer screen to look at it. "Hm, yes. Clearly." She calmly walked around the desk and with emphasis placed a roll of black bondage tape on the surface. Reaching over, she minimized the camera screen and closed the call system. "If you're this bored, I have something else to do for you." she said sharply.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't--" Pearl grabbed the panicked secretary's chin and cut her off by roughly stuffing a strapless ballgag between her teeth. She quickly pressed the end of the tape roll over Madeline's mouth, wrapping tape three times around her head before ripping it off.

With surprising strength, she pulled the taller woman out of her chair and pushed her against the wall. Madeline didn't resist as the mistress pulled her arms behind her back, connecting them horizontally, wrist at elbow, and wrapping them in tape as well. Shoving her back into the office chair, she sat on her lap, staring into her eyes as she wrapped more tape around Madeline's upper body and the backrest, pushing out her already large breasts.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, Maddy." she whispered with an amused smiled. "Such a naughty girl." Slipping back off, she wrapped more tape around her secretary's thighs and calves. As she rightened herself again, she tossed the almost expensed roll of tape onto the desk. "We will talk more about this some other time." Leaning in, she placed a soft kiss on the tape gag, sighing softly. "But first, I have something else to finish."

Madeline watched as Pearl walked away, her heart beating against her chest as if it wanted to break out. A frustrated moan was heard over her headset.

Diana almost winced as the door was unlocked again. The steps came back to her.

"Well? Have you calmed down?" Pearl climbed up onto the bed, straddling her slave's thighs. Reaching down, she unbuckled the saliva-covered gag and pulled it out. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, Mistress." Diana sighed softly as she could finally relax her jaw. "Thank you, Mistress."

"Yes, I see that." Pearl's fingers ran over the exposed belly and down to Diana's soaked panties, making the woman gasp lightly. "I hope you didn't expense all your energy already... the night is still young." Diana gulped, but didn't get to answer before her mistress' fingers found her breasts again, groping them harshly. "I think you had enough of a break, don't you?" She pulled down the bra, exposing Diana's modest breasts to the air. She leaned further down, her hair falling over her shoulders and tickling her slave's skin as she extended her tongue, flicking the right nipple with the tip.

Diana gasped loudly and bit her lip, her arms pulling at the ropes instinctively. Her breathing quickened again, her heart beating faster and her throat pushing moans and gasps, whether she wanted it to or not. Pearl's fingers, lips and tongue went to work on her breasts, making her nipples harden and her skin crawl with torturous excitement.

The soft fingers ran down over her breasts and across the flat belly, pushing slowly into the frilly panties.

"M-Mistress..." Diana gasped softly, twisting under Pearl's touch. "P-please, Mistress, may I cum?"

"Already?" The enjoyment was clear in her voice. "Are you sure you're ready?" Her fingers brushed over Diana's clit, making her whole body shiver. "Because if you say you'll cum and you don't, I will be very disappointed."

Diana arched her back. "Yes! P-please! Please, Mistress, let me cum!"

Pearl pushed two fingers inside, her thumb continuing to rub Diana's clitoris. With her other hand, she violently groped the left breast, flicking her tongue over the nipple one more time. "Fine then. I'll allow you to cum on the count of five." She bent her fingers and licked her lips, quietly starting to count.

Diana's mind went hazy. She intently listened for her mistress' voice but her own body fought a battle against her discipline, edging her on.


Diana arched her back and bent her legs, clenching her fists and curling her toes, her whole body spasming and jerking as she finally let go under a loud, whining moan.

"Th-thank you, Mistress..." she whispered weakly, a tired smile dancing over her lips.


Despite a hot shower and several hours of sleep, Diana's legs still felt somewhat weak as she walked up to the front door. Turning around, she smiled at Pearl.

"Thank you again. I had a wonderful night." she said gratefully, blushing lightly at the memories.

"Come again anytime. I'm sure we can arrange something."

Pearl watched as Diana left and headed down the sidewalk. Taking her keys, she locked the front door again and headed back to the staircase, heading down and through the glass door.

As she opened the playroom door, a soft whimper greeted her. In the middle of the room, back to the door, a blue-haired woman stood, dressed in black panties, stockings and pumps. Her ankles were forced apart by a long spread bar, her wrist cuffs were connected and raised behind her back, forcing her to bend over. Weights were hanging from her nipples with clamps and drool dropped onto the floor from her ballgag.

"Well then, Maddy." Pearl turned the key in the door. "Let's talk."
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
The following story contains bondage and lesbian tendencies.

Night had fallen over the lush forests outside the walled cities and only a dim light illuminated the clearing ahead. Between a few bushes, hiding in the tall grass, a young woman looked towards the campfire.

Her elegant, smooth features and the pointy ears, peaking out from under her long, curly hazelnut hair, betrayed her elven lineage. Her grey eyes mirrored the dancing flames a few meters in front of her. Her athletic body was clad in green and beige clothes, made of thin, silky fabric, covered by several belts and straps that kept the clothing close to her shapely curves and held pockets and pouches in place. A flat quiver was strapped to her back, holding her bow and arrows.

Leona was a treasure hunter. She had lived her life away from her tribe and according to her own rules and she took much pride and joy in her profession, even if many looked down on her as a mere thief.

The true thief, however, was the second woman, who sat close to the fire, staring into it absent-mindedly. As far as Leona could tell, she was taller than herself, not that that would have been a challenge. Her skin was dark, her short hair, in contrast, white as snow. Her ears, though shaped slightly differently, exposed her as well as an elf. She was wearing tight trousers, knee-high dark leather boots and only a chestplate of the same leather covering her upper body. In fact, it was more of a leather corset, holding down her large breasts.

A golden necklace reflected the dim shine of the fire. A necklace that had more or less rightfully been Leo's treasure! She growled under her breath. She had spent longer than needed in the grass, staring at her rival, planning her assault.

The dark elf didn't seem to plan on sleeping and once she headed into the city it would be too late to act. So she would have to take her down right now. The plan was to injure her leg, then jump her and restrain her with the rope Leo always carried on her belt.

She carefully rose from the bushes, hidden well enough by the darkness, and picked an arrow from her quiver. She had barely taken aim when the dark elf moved. She turned and moved to the side, away from the fire, using the darkness to her advantage to make following her movement difficult. Her arm swung forward and a snapping sound filled the air when her whip unwound and wrapped itself around Leo's arm.

Leona gasped as she was pulled forward, stumbling out of the bushes, her grip on the bowstring loosening, embedding the arrow into the ground. The whip snapped again, this time wrapping around her leg. She yelped as she was pulled off her feet with irresistible force. Her bow landed somewhere in the dark, out of her reach and her old quiver cracked as she dropped onto it, some of the last few arrows snapping as well.

"Ah, crap..." Leo tried to get back up and make a run for her weapon, but the moment she turned her back on her opponent, something hit her in the back, making her stumble. The whip snapped around her leg again, slamming her into the grass face first with another strong pull.

She winced as she felt the dark elf's hands grab her wrists and pull them back forcefully. The rope disappeared from her belt and was quickly wound around her wrists and elbows, pulled painfully tight.

"Ow! Shit! This isn't how I planned this!"

"It isn't?" the dark elf said mockingly with a light accent, "Oh my, did I do something wrong?"

Leona tried kicking her off, but the taller woman was already straddling her legs, making her resistance fruitless.

"You're the kid from earlier today, aren't you?" the dark-skinned elf noted, smiling mockingly at her. "I told you to give up, didn't I?"

"Well, I didn't!" Leo spat back, more disgruntled about her failure than angry about ebing captured.

"Yes, I see that." She patted Leo's butt. "You should have. Now what am I going to do with you?"

"Let me go so I can try again?" the younger elf asked hopefully, turning her head slightly to try and look up at her rival.

The dark elf's laugh was surprisingly light and clear, despite her more rough voice.

"You're cute. I like you." She grabbed Leo's hair, pulling her up and propping her against her chest as she knelt behind her captive. Taking the slack in the rope, she wound it above and below the shorter elf's breasts, forcing her arms closer against her torso.

"Ow. Ow! Sure doesn't feel like it!" Leona struggled in the tight bonds, getting a strange little kick out of the strict grip.

"Well, you attacked me, I sure won't take any chances."

The dark elf kept one arm around her prey's belly, holding her close, while she opened various pouches and went through Leo's equipment.

"Well, you took my treasure! It was supposed to be mine!"

The strong woman stopped and took off the necklace, dangling it in front of Leo's face.

"You mean this? It was up for grabs and I was better than you. Get over it already, there's plenty of treasure out there."

"But I wanted this one..." the brunette mumbled, fully aware how childish she was acting.

The dark elf laughed again and put the necklace away. "Too bad, you're not getting it. Not the way you tried to get it." She continued going through Leo's pouches, taking off the belts and straps when she was done with it. "Ah, here, this will do." she said as she reached one containing thin scarves Leo tended to use for patching wounds.

"Do for wha--nnghff!" Her eyes widened as the taller woman's hand pushed a balled up scarf into her open mouth.

Leo shook her head and tried to push the fabric out with her tongue, but her captor quickly followed up with another piece, stuffing her mouth enough to make her cheeks bulge a bit. She rolled up a third scarf and placed it between her lips, tying it off behind her head to keep the stuffing in. While the younger elf mumbled muffled complaints, she took a fourth one and placed it over her lips, completely covering her mouth, and tied that one off as well.

As she complained loudly, the older elf finished up looking through the pouches and pockets, taking the belts off and tossing them aside.

"Well then..." She pushed Leo back into the grass face first, making the bound elf grunt and struggle. Still straddling her legs, she loosened the boots and pulled them off, taking a small strap to wrap it around the ankles and two belts for the thighs and lower legs.

"Okay, all done here." She stood up and slapped her captive's ass, making her wince and yelp behind the gag. "Maybe you should try asking nicely first next time. Let me know when you're ready to apologize." Gathering up the pouches and Leona's bow, she took them back to the campfire, sitting back down.

Leona grunted angrily and tried to move, but the grip of the leather was relentless and the woman's ropework was impressively tight, considering how quickly she had trussed her up. Leo stretched her fingers and bent her wrists, trying to reach for some of the knots. She managed to graze by one, but couldn't get a hold of it. Judging by how unmoving the rope was, she wouldn't be able to pry it loose anyway. With her things taken away, she couldn't even reach for one of her knives to try and cut herself free.

She rolled herself onto the side, so as to not lie on her chest the entire time and looked over to the fire. The older elf was looking into the fire as she was before. She hadn't even touched the pouches again. Leo frowned. There was more jewellery and coins in some of those and she must have noticed, so why wasn't she taking it?

She was about to pose the question when her failure to move her lips and tongue properly reminded her that she was gagged. Quite expertly even. Breathing out through the nose, she tried moving the scarf between her lips, but it was no use. Frustrated, she strained her arms and shoulders, trying to move.

The rope dug into her skin, the grip sending a familiar heat through her body. Her breathing fluttered for a brief moment as the frustrated grunt she was about to convey turned into a low moan.

Leo blushed deeply and quickly looked over to her rival, to see if she had noticed. Her situation was already embarrassing enough, without getting aroused. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, but her body strained again as if by itself, and again the rope dug into her. Her heart beat harder, her whole body tingled in excitement and the fabric of her clothes stretched over her hardening nipples. She moaned again, hopelessly overcome by her needs, not noticing the steps coming close through the grass.

"Are you kidding me? You like this?" She winced and looked up at the dark elf standing over her. "You dirty little girl. This isn't even much of a punishment then, is it?" She sat in the grass and grabbed Leo by the ropes, pulling her onto her lap, belly first.

Leo tried to say something, mumbling into the stuffing of her gag.

"Unbelievable." A small grin spread over the dark elf's face. Her voice lowered, sending shivers of excitement of dread down the younger girl's spine. "You get more interesting by the minute. Maybe I'll keep you."

"Nnmh!?" Leo's eyes widened and she looked up at her, struggling again.

"Well, what else can I do with you? Just let you go so you can try to attack me again? Hm, then again, we both know how that would end, don't we?" She ran her hand over Leo's ass, seemingly in thought. "Maybe if I just teach you a lesson to make sure you're sorry."

The grin returned as she reached back without hesitation, letting her palm come down hard on Leo's ass, making her yelp. She tried to pull away in reflex, squirming in the bindings, once again making them dug into her, increasing her arousal. With every slap, pain and pleasure mixed, soon causing tears to run down her cheeks.

Long after she had lost count, Leo was turned on her side and the dark elf opened the gag, removing all the scarves. Leo coughed and took a deep breath, closing her eyes.

"So, do you have anything to say?"

"I'm... sorry..."

"Hmm, what was that?"

"I... I'm sorry... for trying to attack you."

"Mhm... Say 'Forgive me, Mistral.'"

Leo swallowed. Her mouth was dried out. "Forgive me, Mistral."

The woman picked her up in her arms and carried her closer to the fire, propping her up against her own shoulder. She opened a field bottle and held it to Leona's lips. The younger elf leaned her head back and drank eagerly.

"There we go... I suppose I'll forgive you." Her voice was much softer now and her fingers ran through Leo's hair. "I'm sure you're smart enough to never try that again."

Leo nodded. Her body was aching and the pent-up arousal had turned into a creeping frustration. She certainly had learned her lesson. After resting her eyes for a few moments, she looked towards Mistral. Her face was so very close. Illuminated by the campfire, she could make out her soft lips and her deep, dark eyes, even the small scar on her cheek. There was something about her, something unnatural, something unrelated to her current state, that was drawing her to this person.

"Can you let me go now?" she asked hopefully.

The grin returned to Mistral's face. "Why? I thought you were into it?" She placed her arm around Leo's waist and nudged her closer. Leo blushed and looked away, biting her lip.

"Maybe after all that pain..." Mistral moved her lips close to Leo's ear, whispering into it. " want me to make you feel good." She gently licked the tip of her ear, sending more shivers down the bound elf's back.

"I, uh... I don't know if..." she stuttered, but was interrupted by Mistral's other hand softly grabbing her breast, the tip of her index finger quickly finding her nipple and playing with it through the silky fabric.

"...oh! Oh... Gods..." Leona gasped, her heart beating faster and her body demanding more.

The older elf's lips moved on to kissing and softly licking the younger's cheek and neck, while her hands massaged her chest and played with her nipples. The arousal returned in full force and finally pushed her over the edge into a climax. Leo strained one more time, gasping and moaning as her body shook, then sunk back against Mistral's shoulder.

"There, how was that? If it was good, say 'Thank you, Mistral.'"

Leo blushed and bit her lip in embarrassment. "Thank you, Mistral..."

The dark elf's hand moved down over Leo's legs and opened the strap and belts, before she slipped a knife from her boot to cut the rope. The younger elf gave a relaxed sigh as the bindings fell off slowly.

"You can sleep at my fire tonight. I'm not going to send you away after this."

But Leo had already given in to exhaustion and had fallen asleep, leaned against Mistral's shoulder.
Treasure Hunter Leo -- Mistral (re-written)
This is a re-write of a story I wrote around Christmas time.
I wasn't satisfied and/or comfortable with how it originally turned out, so I decided to re-visit it.
The intro part is mostly the same, but it then goes off into completely different events.

Personally, I consider this the "official" version, especially because I might want to follow up on it and do more with these characters.
However, I decided to leave the other one up, since it is vastly different in tone and events and feedback on it was actually quite good.

Let me know what you think about the changes, I personally am very much more happy with this.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
She didn't know how much time had passed when she came close the third time. Her second orgasm couldn't have been too long ago, a few minutes at most, yet she was still charged up. Not just relaxing her limbs, but yanking them up, she forced the knots to dig into her crotch and screamed into the tight gag, which muffled her voice quite nicely.

Amelia whined loudly as she came off of her third climax and bent her legs back down to take a break, as much as that was possible in her trying hogtie. Her crotch and thighs, and no doubt her blanket, had been sullied in her juices and the pillow was wet with her drool, passing by her gag and sticking to her chin.

"Ahfh han nffh!" she mumbled, twisting in her bindings, which had been somewhat comfortable and exciting at first, but now started to really dig into her skin.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" her roommate answered cheekily from the other bed, looking over at her.

"Nffh! Bwhff, ndh mhh!"

Keyla swung her bare legs out of bed and skipped over to Amy's bed, undoing the gag and pulling it away from her. "I'm sorry, I really didn't get that."

"I'm asking you to untie me..." she raven-haired girl explained after relaxing her jaw and swallowing.

The crotch rope loosened and Amelia's legs were finally able to stretch out again. Next they were slowly released of the rope and also her arms were freed. With every binding falling off of her body, Amy relaxed further and sighed deeply. And when the collar finally came off as well, the magic seeping back into her body felt like a welcoming embrace.

She needed a while until she was able to slowly get up, almost falling asleep due to exhaustion. By now, Keyla had already cleaned the gag and the rope and put everything away. Of course, Amelia's bed was a smelly mess, just like herself.

"I... I'll go... shower." she mumbled as she left her glasses and hairband behind, grabbing some loose clothes to change into before disappearing into the bathroom.

When Amy returned, Keyla had made her bed. Which was strange because she had never entered the bathroom to get rid of the dirty laundry. ...right?

She was tired and she didn't care.

When she tucked herself into her freshly made bed, her eyes fell closed almost immediately, sending her into a deep slumber.


"Good night, Amy."

"It looks like you won't learn otherwise. You have brought this on yourself."

The ropes clung tightly to Amelia's body, holding her arms and legs and winding around her bare breasts as a harness. She tried to beg her captor to be gentle, but the soft fabric filled out her mouth completely, silencing any sounds she attempted to make to a quiet whimpering.

The figure approached the pole Amy's bonds forced her against, her heeled steps echoing in the room. Her hair was short, her body tall, dressed in a black corset and thigh-high boots, weighing a riding crop in her hand.

"You clearly want me to punish you." The tip of the crop grazed her cheek. "Don't you? You worthless slut." Amelia screamed into the muffling gag as the mistress pinched and twisted her nipple.

Amelia's body fought and strained, but nothing would help. She would not escape unless her mistress would let her go. And that would never happen. The crop came down on Amy's breasts and traced down to her crotch, rubbing it aggressively.

The alarm rang and Amelia turned in her sheets hastily, rolling over the side and crashing onto the floor.

She stared at the ceiling for a few long seconds, trying to hold onto her dream as it drifted away from her.

She eventually sat up and turned off the alarm. Hot dream or not, she had to attend class... and hopefully concentrate.
Magic Binds VI -- Dreams of Desire
More of a transfer chapter, I guess.
I think the second to last scene turned a little more aggresive than I'm used to.
Tonight I hit 10.000 Pageviews
I really don't know what to say about it, except, thank you, to everyone.
When I started out, I didn't figure this would go anywhere or I would actually keep going (semi-)regularly.
So, here's to more in the future, I guess.

The truth is, I just felt like I had to address the occasion and I'm actually pretty tired.
Maybe I'll try for a special chapter or short story for the milestone, but only if inspiration strikes, as always.

So, anyway, thank you to everyone who checked out my work and stuff and especially to those who stuck around.
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Tonight I hit 10.000 Pageviews
I really don't know what to say about it, except, thank you, to everyone.
When I started out, I didn't figure this would go anywhere or I would actually keep going (semi-)regularly.
So, here's to more in the future, I guess.

The truth is, I just felt like I had to address the occasion and I'm actually pretty tired.
Maybe I'll try for a special chapter or short story for the milestone, but only if inspiration strikes, as always.

So, anyway, thank you to everyone who checked out my work and stuff and especially to those who stuck around.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Disney covers
  • Reading: Comic Books
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Monster Hunter
  • Eating: Sandwiches
  • Drinking: Strawberry Milk


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zerocurewdracolich Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
Happy birthday.
SkyChildLeo Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Thank you!
zerocurewdracolich Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
You're welcome.
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Happy birthday! :party:
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Thank you very much!
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Hi there. Happy birthday! I really hope you have a GREAT day today. :D (And it might say August 19th, but it's the 20th already in Germany! ;))

Hugs from Gran Canaria! :)
SkyChildLeo Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Lots of thanks!

I went out with someone today, watched a musical, greatest day since forever!

Hugs back.
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