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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
This story contains elements of bondage and lesbian relationship. If this offends you, I advise you to leave now.

This story is a sequel to Pokemon: From A to M and Pokemon: The Pervert so if you didn't read those, maybe you should first.

It was getting late. It was already dark out, the sun having left the sky over two hours ago. The clerk was preparing to close shop for the day. No one came in during nights and when they did, it wasn't for anything urgent. The young woman ran her fingers through her curly blonde hair and took off her apron, revealing the shirt and leggings underneath. She sighed with a slight smile. She was just going to restock the shelves and go home for the day.
But just as she turned around to head into the storage, she heard the familiar sound of the door opening, allowing entrance to a customer.
"I'm sorry.", the clerk said, turning around with the standard smile she put on for customers, "We're closed. Maybe you could... come back... tomor-"
She briefly caught sight of a purple-haired woman in a black uniform and thigh-high boots before she dropped to the floor, the sleep powder having taken it's intended effect.

The woman, who wasn't a customer at all, smiled triumphantly and called her pokemon back, slipping the pokeball into it's intended place on her belt.
"Sorry, I'm just here to get something~", she said with a sultry voice and took the clerk's arms, pulling her behind the counter. She turned her on her stomach and took loops of rope from her belt. With skilful fingers she tied the clerk's wrists, elbows and knees together and tied her ankles to her wrists, leaving her in a hogtie. Producing two cloths she shoved one into the woman's mouth and tied the second over it.
Satisfied with her work, she patted her victim's behind and stood up, heading for the storage with calm steps, her heels clicking on the floor. It was a standard job, get in, get the thing, get out. She was starting to feel under-appreciated. She wondered if Ariana would give her more challenging jobs soon.
She stepped into the storage to begin her search, but was abruptly interrupted by someone grabbing her arms and turning them onto her back, while turning her around and pressing her against the wall, face first.
"Good evening, Miss Rocket.", a voice said as a second person unbuckled her belt, taking away her pokeballs, "We've been expecting you."
"Who are you!? Unhand me!" She struggled but the woman holding her was far stronger. Her leg was pressed against the wall by the attacker's knee and when she tried to sweep with the other, she feared for her balance.
The ripping sound of unwinding tape broke through the air and soon enough she felt it press against her forearms, pulling them together tightly. The attacker grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, slamming her against the wall again. With shock, she was staring into two familiar faces.
"Younnggmmpfh!", she screamed as Vivianne stuffed cloth into her mouth, enough to make her cheeks bulge, after which Kenna slapped a piece of tape onto her lips. Not yet satisfied, she tore off several longer pieces and plastered the Rocket Member's cheeks and lips in several layers.
"That should keep her quiet, right?", the black-haired girl asked her partner, only to be proven wrong by the angry protesting of the purple-haired woman.
"I guess not.", Vivi said dryly, roughly pulling the woman down onto the floor, grabbing her legs to keep her from kicking while Kenna pulled off the boots so the tape would hold better as she was wrapping it around the woman's bare thighs and legs, only leaving the knees and feet free.
The two stood up and watched Miss Rocket struggle on the floor, mumbling angryly.
"You think that's enough, Kenna?", Vivi asked with staged curiosity.
"I don't know, Vivi, I still have a whole second roll. It would be a shame if it were to go to waste."
The Rocket Member's expression changed from anger to wide-eyed panic. She started shaking her head, looking up at Vivi who grabbed her by the shoulders of her uniform, pulling her up into a sitting position.
Kenna slapped the end of the second roll against the woman's hip and started wrapping it around her body and arms, mummifying her torso all the way up to her breasts, encasing them in tight layers of tape.
"There, that should do it.", Kenna said with a grin, slapping the taped chest and pushing the woman down again.
"Do you have the disc?"
"It was on her belt."
"Good, let's go."
The two of them stood up and left for the door, the belt in hand, turning around at the sill.
"We'll tip of the police, don't worry, you'll only be here until morning.", Vivi grinned with satisfaction.
"Be nice now~", Kenna sing-songed and blew a kiss before turning off the light and slamming the door shut.

The supposed clerk let out a sigh of relief as her gag was removed and the girls started untying the knots.
"Thanks again for playing the bait, Ivy.", Kenna said with a gently smile.
"No problem!", the blonde exclaimed, "That was exciting! Maybe I should consider doing grunt work!"
"Don't.", Vivi said flatly, "It sucks."
Pokemon: Sweet Revenge
What? Two in one day? Impossible!

Just a quick third part I cooked up.
Might not be as good as the other parts and it's not the kind I usually do but it was very satisfying to write.

Any kind of criticism (besides flaming) is welcome and encouraged.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Kathy gasped as the gag and her panties were removed. She was lying on her back, now finally free of her handcuffs, her chest rising and falling with her heavy breaths. Her head was fuzzy and tears were running down her face. Caitlyn had let her cum far more than just two or three times.
"Very good.", the mistress whispered as she gently stroked her hair, "Those were some nice screams."
"Thank you, Mistress.", Kathy said in automatic response, taking a deep breath.
Caitlyn chuckled and pecked her on the cheek.
"Take a rest. When Jennifer is done with her shower, you should have one too. I'll lend you some underwear before you leave."
"Thank you, Caitlyn...", Kathy said more earnestly and smiled peacefully before her exhausted body fell into a light slumber.

She turned the key in the lock, opening the front door, stepping inside.
"Lisa, I'm back!", she called out, taking off her shoes and heading into the living room, "Sorry I took so long but I literally had to take a nap after what she did to-"
She stopped. The woman sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, wasn't Lisa. Sure, she looked like Lisa, at least mostly. Her hair was long and bright blonde, tied back in a braid and all sorts of piercings were missing, replaced by a pair of rimless glasses and dark lipstick, but her face was no doubt the same as Lisa's.
"Hi.", not-Lisa said, giving a thin smile as she put the magazine aside and stood up, "You're Kathy?"
"Um, hi, yes.", the redhead answered, stepping closer with a confused expression, taking the hand the blonde offered her, "And, you are..."
"Lauren. I'm Lisa's sister." She smiled again, gently holding Kathy's hand in her warm fingers for a brief moment.
"Oooh!", Kathy exclaimed, the obvious falling in place before her, "That's right, she mentioned you before! I had no idea you were coming to visit."
"I came to deliver something for her." Lauren briefly glanced over towards the slightly ajar door to Lisa's bedroom. "And I stayed because she is crazy and someone needs to have an eye on her."
Kathy followed the glance and walked over to the door, peeking into the room. The lights were dimmed. Lisa lay on her bed, her torso wrapped in a black straitjacket, her bare legs bound by leather straps. A ball gag lay on the bedside table. She was sleeping.
"Well, I know she's crazy", Kathy grinned back at Lauren, "but was that really necessary?"
"She was asking for it.", Lauren shrugged, smiling.
Kathy closed the door silently.
"And the way I know her, she didn't offer you any coffee, did she?"

Lisa sighed as she woke up, attempted to stretch and gasped silently. Her arms, nor her legs, would move much. Instantly, a wave of satisfaction and arousal spread through her. Something warm moved up against her. She turned a little and opened her eyes to find Kathy next to her in bed, dressed in comfortable boxers and a long shirt, one arm wrapped around Lisa's hips and one leg over hers. Lisa blew air against her forehead, moving a strand of red hair. Kathy stirred and smiled, but kept her eyes closed.
"Good morning.", she mumbled.
"Morning. Did you have a good time yesterday?"
"Yeah... sorry I took so long. You were waiting, right?"
"Never mind. I knew she'd be hard on you."
Silence fell as the two of them dozed.
"You're sister is nice."
"I like her."
"Me too."
"So... this straitjacket..."
Kathy ran her fingers across the black fabric. Lisa shivered as she felt the touch on her hard nipples.
"I had Lauren bring it. She works in a fetish store."
"I know, we talked a bit."
Kathy's eyes were half opened now, a mischievous smile on her lips.
"I like it. Can you move at all?"
"No." Lisa smiled as well.
"Nice." She moved closer, nestling her lips near Lisa's neck. "Maybe I'll keep you like this for a bit."
"You'll have to feed me."
"Maybe I'll do that."
They both giggled and fell silent again, feeling no need to change anything about their situation right now.
Guiding Me XXI -- Crazy
More emotion and story driven chapter than usual.
Also introducing a new side character! So yay for that!

Any kind of criticism (besides flaming) welcome and encouraged.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Lisa turned the key in the lock and turned back towards her apartment. She had told Kathy she was going to study, though that had only been a thinly veiled excuse. For what however, her roommate would probably have never guessed.
"So, you brought what I wanted?", Lisa asked her guest excitedly.
"What do you think is in this box?", the guest responded, putting the seemingly unsuspicious box onto the table.
Lisa strolled over, a smile on her face that was usually reserved for children, moments before they opened their Christmas presents. Giddily she tore the tape sealing the box and opened the lid. Her eyes lit up as she carefully took her new toy into her hands.
It was a black straitjacket, mainly made from silky but strong material, several leather straps hanging from it. Several small padlocks were in the box as well, meant to seal the straps even more securely, complete with the key and several replacement keys.
"Oh my god! I love you for this, honestly!", Lisa squeaked, hugging the item.
"Oh, goody." The guest rolled her eyes, smiling. "If that's all, I have a lot of nothing to catch up on."
"No! Nonono!" Lisa stared at her with a disappointed expression. "You have to help me put this on!"
The guest crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.
"Are you sure you want me to do kinky stuff for you?"
"Excuse me?" Lisa frowned. "That's kinda your job. Also, I want this to be a surprise for Kathy! She's going to flip!"
"No kidding..."

Kathy was having a hard time obeying. Her arousal had built up over time and was hard to keep in check as it was. To make the task even more difficult, Caitlyn had ordered her to do a number of things, starting with taking off her own soaked panties and stuffing her mouth with them, securing them with several layers of tape. Next, she had adorned her hard nipples with weighted clamps and finally she had handcuffed herself and sat on the edge of the bed.
Jenny, still chained, although her gag had been exchanged for a blindfold, knelt between Kathy's legs, a toy buzzing inside her as she flicked her tongue over her friend's crotch, making the redhead shiver, flinch and moan constantly, doing her best to obey Caitlyn's final command, "Do not cum.", a task made even harder by the mistress herself who was kneeling behind her on the bed, occasionally pulling at the clamps or whispering into her ear.
It didn't take long for her to lose control. She lost herself in the pleasure of the mound, screaming into the gag, her whole body shivering as the blonde willingly kept licking.
Caitlyn struck her across the face with the open hand.
"What did I tell you, bitch? You disappoint me." She pulled the left clamp, making her slave cry out in pain. "Looks like you'll need more discipline. But I'll be easy on you... if you cum again for me, maybe two or three times, I'll let you go for today. How does that sound? Aren't I generous?"
Kathy quickly nodded her head and attempted to express her thanks through the gag.

"There we go.", Lisa's guest said as she pulled the last buckle tight. "What do you say?"
Lisa looked down at her own body. Her bare legs were held together by leather straps, her torso was completely covered by the black straitjacket, complete with an added crotch strap. The silky fabric was comfortable but tight. As much as she struggled and pulled, her arms wouldn't budge.
"Awesome.", she commented, tossing a bit, trying to find any kind of weakness. "I love it. I seriously do."
"Great. Say 'Ah'."
"Aaaah~nnmph!", Lisa responded, biting down on the ballgag, moaning in pleasure, "Thhngf, fnf! Hm lhvm nhh!"
"Yeah, okay..." Her guest got up from the bed and headed towards the door. "I'll be in the living room. Have fun, I guess."
Guiding Me XX -- Next Lesson Part2
Short chapter.
Better than nothing, I guess?

Any kind of feedback (except flaming) is welcome and encouraged.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
This story contains elements of bondage and lesbian relationship. If this offends you, I advise you to leave now.

This story is a sequel to
Pokemon: From A to M so if you didn't read that, maybe you should first.

"I hate this.", Vivianne grunted, straining her arms.
"I know, shut up.", Kenna responded, tightening the rope.
Vivi sat on the single chair in the tiny room the two of them shared after Kenna had enrolled in the team a few days prior. She was wearing her uniform, her arms pulled behind the back of the chair, wrists tied to it. More rope was wrapped around her torso just under her breasts and her ankles were tied together and bound to the crosspiece, pulling her legs back at a bit of an angle. Kenna was wearing her own version of the uniform, featuring a much shorter black tube top and a blue waistcoat, her black locks loosely tied into a braid hanging over her shoulder with blue ribbons woven in.
"Your display back at the warehouse was pitiful. You really need to learn how to wiggle out of these restraints, so I'm teaching you."
"Yeah? And what makes you an expert?", the redhead responded, testing the rope again as Kenna was done with the knots.
"Excuse me? Must I remind you that it was me who got us out?"
"You had a knife."
"Don't get hung up on semantics."
"That's not what semantics means."
"Whatever, shut up." Kenna stepped up from behind the chair and pulled at the ropes, smirking as she determined that she had done her job well. "Okay then, I made it easy for your first test. Some of the knots should be well within your reach." She put her hands onto the backrest and leaned in to kiss Vivianne's forehead. "Good luck~"
Vivi watched her partner lie down on the bottom bunk and pick up a magazine. She took a breath and strained again, getting a feel for the restraints. She moved her hands as far as she could, fumbling for knots. It didn't take long for her to find one, barely getting it with her fingers. She fumbled with it for a while, leaning and struggling, accompanied by quiet grunts.
"Easy my ass. This is bullshit.", she complained, turning her shoulders as best as she could, trying to in some way use leverage to wiggle out.
"Less cursing, more opening knots.", Kenna responded flatly, not even looking up from the article she was reading.
Vivianne scoffed angrily and tried the knot again, pulling at it, trying to loosen it at least a little bit, but the knot was small and tight and it didn't budge.
"Can't I just learn how to not get caught in the first place?"
"Well that's no fun..." Kenna looked up this time. "That way I wouldn't have an excuse to tie you up."
Vivi stared at her partner, her jaw dropped.
"Come on, you know I'm a pervert.", Kenna grinned, "Don't tell me you didn't expect me to have ulterior motives."
Vivi snarled, fighting the ropes.
"You little... bondage perv slut!"
"Oh, wow, ouch." She rolled her eyes and put the magazine aside, standing back up. "Look, the challenge still stands. Get out of that and I'll reward you."
She slipped off her waistcoat, revealing her mostly exposed upper body.
"And I promise it will be worth your trouble.", she giggled, winking.
Vivi gulped and blushed as she watched the black-haired woman slowly open her belt and slide off her pants, sticking out her thong-clad ass towards her captive.
"All this..." She put her hands onto her shoulders and let them caress her own body, touching her breasts, her belly and hips, sliding down to her ass, putting two fingers into the waistband, pulling on it and letting it snap back against her skin. " yours when you get out in time." She winked again. "Good luck, hot stuff." She slipped back onto the bed, lying on her side and returning her focus to the article.
Vivi needed a moment to tear her eyes from her former rival's body. She gulped and tried for the knot again. Her hands were shaky. She bit her lip, trying to force herself to concentrate.
"Oh, you know Ivy? The blonde who works in the kitchen?"
Vivi looked back towards the barely dressed girl.
"Wh-what about her?"
"She's cute." Kenna grinned. "Can you imagine her cute petite body... all tied up? How she's wiggling and moaning, right here?" She ran her fingers across the bed. "Whining and gasping at the tight ropes? ... Maybe I should invite her."
Vivianne gritted her teeth. An increasingly tormenting feeling spread through her body. She was horny.
"Y-yeah, whatever.", she commented.
"Mmh, I'd love to tease her.", Kenna continued her cruelty, "Gently caress her belly and thighs and kiss her chest... until she's begging me to finger and lick her until she can't help but scream and cry when she--"
"God Damnit, Kenna!"
The girl giggled and got up from the bed.
"What's wrong, Vivi~? Getting frustrated?" She put her hands on the backrest, leaning in. "You can't do it, can you? You're stuck."
"Y-you're cheating. Getting out of this is impossible." She wanted to look away, but Kenna's soft lips, her deep eyes, her large breasts were all so tantalizingly close.
"Hey, I'm just kidding about Ivy." Kenna's hand touched her cheek, her thumb gently caressing her skin. "Unless, you know, you'd be okay with that. But I really care about you."
She came even closer, sitting on Vivi's lap.
"I love you.", she said quietly, lightly blushing.
Vivi turned her head away and tried to let her response flow out, but something was keeping it back.
"I don't want you to be angry with me.", Kenna whispered as a smile returned to her face, "So I'll still reward you."
The buckle on Vivi's belt opened. At the same time, the redhead felt her partner's fingers on her stomach and her lips on her neck. A small gasp escaped her. The fingers slowly moved down into her pants, getting closer to the prize. Vivi closed her eyes, moaning quietly, her hips moving towards the touch in anticipation.
"Not yet.", Kenna's voice whispered. The fingers retreated, earning a frustrated grunt from the helpless woman, making her struggle against the rope.
"Damn it, come on...", she moaned.
Kenna gently bit her partner's neck as she moved her hands up to her chest, slowly massaging the redhead's modest breasts and pinching her already hard nipples through the fabric of her striped shirt.
"Vivi... do you love me?", she whispered.
"Damn it..." Vivi turned her head away, gritting her teeth, "You know the answer."
"But I want you to say it. Look at me."
Slowly Vivianne turned her head, looking at her partner, meeting her surprisingly gentle gaze.
"Tell me."
Vivi swallowed and took a short breath.
"I... I..." She stared into the deep grey eyes, almost forgetting about the torment her body was subjecting her to. "I love you."
Kenna smiled and leaned forward, locking their lips in a kiss. Vivi started losing herself in the embrace, just to be torn back by the gentle touch returning to her nether regions, this time going all the way. Her body twitched and strained, a long moan slipped out of her throat as Kenna abandoned the kiss in favour of digging her teeth into her darling's neck.
"Oh god... fuck! Yes, Kenna!", she screamed as the soft fingers finally brought her to orgasm.
Pokemon: The Pervert
This barely counts as Pokemon anymore, does it?

Any kind of feedback (except flaming) is welcome and encouraged.
I was very surprised to see how many people actually like that little story I came up with.
I was even more surprise when I learned that some of those people actually watch me.
That has caused me to think about the whole thing.

For one, I definitely want to continue the main project that is "Bondage Sleepover".
However, with the introduction of Mia's sister Jane I have been considering if I should also focus on her and her partner more.
Also, I feel like I could write other stories as well, all with the topic of bondage in mind, mostly.
I'm considering fanfiction and possibly other smaller projects of my own.
Though as I said, I don't want that to gain absolute priority over my main project.

I would like to know what my watchers think of that, I would gladly welcome feedback of any kind.
Also, I still have notes for character profiles though that would be trivia information above all else, nothing really important.

One last thing I'd like to say:
I have no update schedule. I will update when I can and when I feel like it.
With that said,
Leo out



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