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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Their eyes had met as soon as Ana was brought out.
It had been several years since Mistress had bought Ana, given her a home, a proper education. She served her drink and food and entertained her with music and dance, together with the other girls who belonged to Mistress.
Mistress sometimes invited friends and trusted servants into the palace to drink and converse and whatever else happened behind closed doors. Some were men but most appeared to be women around Mistress' age, often younger. It was a normal occurrence and Ana had learned to not pay it much mind.
Yet, this guest was a different case.
She was younger than Mistress, but older than Ana herself. She was a warrior, no doubt, her body was toned, her stance proud yet feminine and the scar across her cheek was surely caused by an enemy's blade. Her chin-length hair was red as flames and her eyes of an amber colour. Those eyes she could not escape. As Ana danced, wearing wide trousers and tops so thin they were more of a veil than clothes, her gaze always seemed to dart back towards the stranger. Neither the warrior, nor Mistress missed the far too apparent attraction.

"Her name is Ana", Mistress explained, as the dancer knelt before the women, "She has been with me for... about four years now. A natural in all she does and a natural beauty at that. A rare treasure, you understand? Do be gentle with her."
"I see that you treasure her, Milady." The fighter's voice was that of an angel in Ana's ears. "I won't bring her any harm, you have my word."

And gentle she was.
A sigh escaped Ana's lips as she felt the woman's fingers on her skin. She was kneeling amongst the pillows of a private room, straddling the warrior's thighs. her arms were raised, her wrists caught on golden cuffs, anchored in the ceiling with golden chains.
The warrior caressed her sides and belly, running her fingertips over the girl's skin, making her shiver with excitement. She wetted her lips and kissed the dancer's stomach, flicking the piercing in her navel with the tongue. Ana gasped and looked down, meeting her gaze once more.
"I can see why your mistress was so insistent I be gentle.", the woman said quietly, "I would be ashamed to ruin your wonderful body and your beauty."
"Thank you, Milady...", Ana replied timidly. The warrior's status, strength and beauty were all intimidating to her. The thought of her requesting this night together was still strange and alien to her, even when she was right in the middle of it.
"As long as we are together like this... you may use my name, Frya.", Frya said, as her hands wandered upwards, towards Ana's chest, gently caressing the dancer's sides.
"Y-yes, Lady Frya.", Ana replied again, pushing her body all-so-slightly towards the warrior's hands.
Frya briefly touched the layer of silk that covered the dancer's perfectly round breasts, having removed the thin top earlier, before focusing on her already exposed skin again, gently pressing her lips against Ana's collar bone, luring more gasps and sighs out of the chained girl.
"You are so sensitive.", she smiled, "Do you enjoy it?"
"Yes. Yes, please go on.", Ana pleaded.
Frya moved up to reach Ana's eye-level and gently touched her cheek. Without many words, she moved closer and locked her lips with the dancer's.
Ana's head became fuzzy. Her heart beat louder and harder, so loud she feared the warrior would hear it and so hard she feared she would feel it, as she began to unravel the silk around her chest, dropping it into the pillows as it came loose. Ana gasped into the kiss and grabbed the chains as Frya's fingers caressed and gently massaged her chest. The chains rattled as her body started to shiver.
The lips left hers and for a moment, a feeling of loss overcame her, though it was quickly chased away by the wet touch of lips and tongue on her chest, as the fingers moved lower, past her belly, between her legs.
Ana threw back her head moaning loudly, pulling on the chains and moving her body closer against the warrior.

She had never awoken to a more beautiful sight, or more welcoming words.
"Good Morning, lovely.", Frya whispered, smiling at her as they lay beside each other, covered by nothing but the light sheets.
"Lady Frya..." Ana smiled a sleepy smile and instinctively cuddled closer.
They lay there, in silence, taking enjoyment simply out of each other's company.
"I will earn you.", Frya finally said, "I will not rest until your mistress permits me to keep you. And you will be mine forever."
And it was the most beautiful thing the dancer had ever heard.
The Dancer and the Warrior
Well, here's a little bit something different.
A little experiment, if you will.
Any feedback is very much welcome.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Standing in front of the house again awoke an exciting feeling of dread in Kathy. She was about to turn herself over, give away control. She almost hesitated to ring the doorbell. Waiting for Caitlyn to let her in was taking just a tiny second too long, just enough to make her feel a little bit more uncomfortable still. But she didn't exactly come here to get comfortable in the first place.
"Hello, Katherine.", Caitlyn welcomed her, dressed in plain jeans and a shirt, nothing that would have betrayed her intentions towards her visitor, "You're alone I see."
"Lisa is studying for exams.", the redhead explained as she was led into the house.
The door shut behind her. The key turned, locking up. A shiver ran up her spine.
"It will be only you and Jennifer then, as I expected. In that case, I know exactly what to do for you."
Kathy thought to here a predatory tone in the older girl's voice and gulped quietly.
"But first... let me ask you this again." The predator looked down at her prey. "I won't hold back on you. Are you absolutely willing to bend to me today?"
Kathy could not avert her eyes and stared into the serious expression of the photographer.
"Yes, I am willing. I'm all yours.", she answered without a second thought.
"Very good. Then go upstairs and get undressed. You know where to find my bedroom."
Nodding, Kathy made her way upstairs. Her heart pounded in her chest. She had given consent, there was nowhere to run now. The feeling of dread intensified and made her at the same time afraid and excited for what was to come.
"Jenny?", she asked, carefully, as she slowly opened the bedroom door.
The jalousies were closed, making the room darker, with only thin slits of sunlight flooding in. Jennifer's things, her bag and clothes, were tucked into a corner of the room. The girl herself sat on the side of the bed, her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. She wore a matching set of red bra and panties, as well as a leather collar. Her crossed arms were tightly bound to her torso, the ropes looping above, below and between her breasts, also reaching down between her legs, forming a harness.
"Hi Kitty.", she grinned happily upon seeing her friend, "I'd hug you, but..." She turned her torso a bit as she tried to move, but her arms were firmly held in place. "...yeah, that."
"I'm also... glad to see you.", Kathy responded, eyeing her friend with a slight blush as she closed the door behind her. "How long have you been here?"
"Twenty minutes maybe?" Jenny did what looked like a restrained shrug. "Mistress didn't do more than this yet, if that's what you#re asking."
"It wasn't, but... good to know." The redhead put down her bag close to Jennifer's things and started to undress. Doing so in front of her bubbly friend was an added challenge, but she preferred not to be disobedient so early in the session. Slowly she took of her shoes, her socks, pants and shirt, dropping everything into a small pile, leaving her with only her lacy black underwear. The room was cold, she realized now.
"Any idea what awaits me?", she asked, trying to ignore her beating heart.
"Maybe, maybe not.", Jenny sing-songed, "You'll see."
Before Kathy could make a snappy remark, the door opened and closed behind her. Soft steps moved across the carpeted floor.
"Welcome back, mistress!", Jenny said happily.
Kathy was still wondering if she was supposed to welcome her as well, as she received a light slap against her rear.
"Take off your bra, slave.", Caitlyn's voice commanded.
"Yes, mistress.", Kathy said quickly and did as she was told, dropping her bra onto the pile. As soon as she had done that, she felt her mistress' fingers on her hips, slowly moving up across her sides, before gently cupping her exposed breasts.
"You will do everything I ask.", the voice whispered, so close to her ear, that she could feel the warm breath. "You will obey my command and not talk back."
"Yes, mistress.", Kathy confirmed, her voice shrunken to a breath.
"Very good." Caitlyn's fingers gently poked and rubbed Kathy's nipples, drawing quiet moans from her. "Sensitive, are you? Have you done as I asked?"
"Yes, mistress."
"What did I ask you to do? Say it." She pinched her pet's nipples, making her gasp.
"A-as per your order, mistress, I... I have not masturbated for seven days."
"Very good.", the mistress purred, grabbing the slave's breasts for a moment before letting go to take something from her pocket. Kathy gulped out of reflex as leather wrapped around her neck and was pulled tight.
"Now, go untie Jennifer. I want you both ready for me when I get back."
With a slight push, Caitlyn moved her into Jenny's direction, before turning around to leave again.
Wasting no time, Kathy climbed onto the bed behind the blonde and started picking at the knots. Luckily, as secure as the bonds were, finding the knots and loosening them was easy. Jenny sighed in relief as she could lower her arms.
"Ah, good~ that was tight, even for her standards. It was starting to hurt."
Kathy remained silent as she was loosening the harness, which gave Jenny more time to talk.
"You were so cute, you know that?" She giggled. "And the sounds you made, that was so hot! I think I got a little we--ah!" She shrieked. Kathy had loosened the crotch rope enough and had pulled on it to retrieve it, making it brush by Jenny's crotch.
"Oops.", Kathy responded deadpan and put the rope aside.
"You!" Jennifer turned around with a grin and lunged at her friend, pressing her down onto the bed, holding her upper arms. "You're just asking for it, aren't you!?"
Kathy looked up at her in surprise, not having expected such an attack.
"Wa-wait, I was just", Kathy tried but gasped as she felt the blonde's knee between her thighs, reminding her of how pent-up her arousal already was.
"No excuses! Looks like I will have to punish you!"
"Funny.", Caitlyn said calmly, "I was just about to say the same."
Jenny was grabbed by the collar and pulled away from her friend, pulled up into a kneeling position. Caitlyn looked down at her coldly, now dressed in black lingerie, a corset and knee-high boots, having changed while she had been out of the room.
"Did I give you permission for this, Jennifer?"
"No, mistress.", Jenny answered quickly, receiving a slap to the face.
Pulling her form the bed, making her stumble to stand up, Caitlyn dragged her slave over towards a chair next to her dresser.
"You will watch for now. I'll punish you later." She forced her down onto the chair and produced two pairs of handcuffs from one of the dresser's drawers. She chained Jenny's wrists and used the second pair to connect the first to the back of the chair.
"Open your mouth.", Caitlyn said sternly before shoving a particularly large ball-gag behind Jennifer's teeth and securing it.
"Well..." She turned to look at Kathy. "Back to you, then."
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Jennifer huffed and gasped, regaining her breath. Her arms and legs were spread, tied to the posts of the bed. The panties of her white lingerie were soaked, her hair messy.
"What are you supposed to say?", Caitlyn asked coyly, whispering into the blonde's ear.
"Thank you, mistress.", Jen answered quietly, still recovering.
"You're welcome, slave."
Their lips met for a prolonged kiss, while Jen relaxed.
"Let's take a break. I'll get you some water." Caitlyn rose from the bed and slipped into a bathrobe, leaving her pet alone in the bedroom. She walked downstairs to the kitchen to have a drink, but noticed her cellphone, lying on the hallway table, was blinking, telling her that she had received a message. Curious, she picked it up to view it.

Your opinion?
Need your opinion on my work.
Love, Katherine

The attachment consisted of several photos of Lisa, trapped in a leather harness, gagged and blindfolded, with close-ups of her cuffed wrists, the vibrating clamps and the crotch-strap with apparently stopped a vibrator from slipping out.
Lyn sent an answer, put the cell down and went to get the water.

Kathy just watched as she waited for a response. Lisa was tossing and squirming while making a multitude of noises, from whimpering and pleading moans, over gasps and huffs, to joyous sighs and orgasmic screams. She had been exposed to the new toys for a few minutes now and had already cum once, getting dangerously close to a second orgasm. Kathy herself was about ready to make herself get off, occasionally playing with her fingers between her legs.
Her cell vibrated and she quickly picked it up to see Lyn's response.

RE: Your opinion?
Not bad.
Need a lesson?

The thought of being "taught" by the beauty again made Kathy bite her lip in anticipation. Next to Lisa's gentle dominance and Jenny's playful cruelty, Caitlyn's strict and cold demeanour had a very special edge. She wanted to give herself up again, no doubt, but she didn't want to come across as desperate for it. She could answer later, she decided.
Lisa's scream ripped her back into the moment. The athletic girl's body twitched and shivered as the second orgasm washed over her. Dropping the cell on the desk, Kathy shoved her hand into her panties, ready to finish it as well.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
"Kathy. Hey!"
"Huh?" Kathy looked up at the other girls at the table. They looked back at her with a confused look.
"Are you okay?", one of her classmates asked her.
"Yeah, I..." She looked down at her phone again. "I'm... fine..."
The message was from Lisa. It was a close-up picture of her. The dark-haired girl was wearing nothing but a lacy red bra and a black collar. A pink rubber ball filled her mouth, accenting her red, glossy lips. She visibly smiled around the gag. Below the picture was a single line of text: Come home early?
"I gotta go! Let's study some other time!" Kathy grabbed her bag and left the table in a hurry, leaving her two confused friends behind.

She kicked off her shoes and dropped her bag on the floor. Dropping her keys into the key bowl, she advanced into the living room.
"Hmhm hmm~!", Lisa, sitting on the couch, mumbled, smiling at her around the gag. She was really dressed in only her lacy underwear, leather straps binding her legs, while her upper body was wrapped up in a leather harness, her arms behind her back. A single key dangled from the D-ring of her collar.
Kathy's lips curled into a smile as she walked up to her roommate, eyeing her curiously.
"Well, hi." She touched Lisa's shoulder and sat down on her lap, straddling her. "This is a nice surprise. is that harness new?"
Lisa nodded with a confirming mumble and leaned forward, pressing against her. Kathy felt a shiver go through her body. She hadn't really been this close to her in a while. Since the events at Caitlyn's house a few weeks before, they had more or less taken turns playing with Jen instead.
Kathy hugged her friend and looked over her shoulder, down at her hands. She was wearing leather cuffs on her wrists, the D-rings connected to one of the rings in the harness with a small padlock. That was probably what the key on the collar was for.
"You did a nice job.", Kathy praised, as if she hadn't been the student not so long ago, "All that for me?"
She leaned back a bit, put her arms around Lisa's neck and looked her into the eyes.
"You know, I had a study group." She narrowed her eyes to a glare, without losing her smile, putting the index finger through the collar ring, pulling her a bit closer again. "I hope you can make up for interrupting it."
"Mmh...", Lisa whimpered, struggling in vain as if to further demonstrate her helplessness, while looking up at Kathy pleadingly, drool already dropping into her cleavage from having to wear the gag.
Kathy leaned down to lick drool from her plaything's chin, gently pulling her head back by the hair as she did so.
"I think I know what to do with you.", she whispered, "I'll be right back."
She stood up and headed for her bedroom, leaving Lisa behind to wait.

Lisa waited. She had already waited before and might have even longer if Kathy had not reacted to her bait, though, of course, Lisa had predicted she would. But now that she was finally home, she let her wait again. The bindings were already arousing enough by themselves, without more teasing from the redhead. The harness was exactly right. She could feel the strict hug of the leather wrapping around her chest and stomach and digging into her crotch. The wrist cuffs and leg straps were similarly tight and the gag effectively sealed off most of her voice, thanks to the balled-up piece of cloth she had stuffed her mouth with before using the ball to keep it in. Any kind of turning and struggling seemed to tighten the leather around her chest, enticing little moans and huffs from her every time.
Kathy had increased her arousal by touching and licking her and whispering little promises of possible punishment, only to leave her again, to struggle on her own and think about what her mistress-of-the-day would plan for her.
The clock was out of view so Lisa didn't know how much time had passed until she heard the door open again. Kathy smoothly moved back into her vision, slowly stepping in front of her. She had dressed down to her underwear as well, wearing a white bra and panties.
"Get up.", Kathy smiled as she grabbed Lisa by the harness to help her stand up. She then took her by the collar and pulled lightly. "Now hop."
Her smile grew into a grin as Lisa carefully started to bunny-hop after her, being led towards Kathy's room, her chest slightly jiggling with every hop. Kathy whispered and smiled, slowly leading her on, until they finally reached the bedroom and the redhead shut the door behind her. Standing still, Lisa awaited whatever would come next as an audible slap to her rear caught her off guard. Her surprised yelp turned into a moan and she wiggled her ass, coyly asking for more. Instead, she felt Kathy's body move up hers, her chest touching her back, her hands resting on her framed breasts.
"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Lisa nodded in response and earned herself a breast squeeze.
"Don't get smart with me. Do you think I can't be cruel like the others?" Kathy's breath tickled Lisa's neck. In turn, she tickled Kathy's stomach, as her hands were locked in a convenient position to do just that. Kathy giggled and pulled away for a second.
"Hey, stop it!", she laughed, slapping Lisa's ass again, lighter this time, making Lisa's own giggle transform into a gasp.
"You're not taking me seriously. I'll show you." She pressed up to Lisa's back again, placing her fingers over her breasts, where she pulled down the cups of the red bra, exposing the already hard nipples to the chilly air of the air conditioned room.
"I looked through the new stuff you bought.", Kathy whispered as she stepped away again, obviously getting something from her desk. Had there been something there? Lisa had been preoccupied while being led in and didn't have a chance to check. Kathy returned, her body snuggling up to Lisa's one more time.
"I like these.", she grinned, grabbing Lisa's left tit, squeezing it to make the nipple stand out more. Lisa looked down as her mistress attached a clamp to the nipple and repeated the process with the other tit. She recognized the clamps. They were padded and didn't hurt much but they had a built-in--
Lisa moaned into her gag as the vibrators teased her nipples. She turned and wiggled, enjoying the tight embrace of her harness more than before.
"Move, slave. To the bed." Another slap sent her on her way. Lisa hopped over towards the bed. It wasn't far, but the clamps added extra weight to her nipples that pulled with every hop. As she stood in front of the bed, Lisa felt Kathy grab the harness again, turning her around.
"Are you having fun so far?", Kathy asked with a smile and Lisa responded with a moaning nod.
"Good." The redhead pushed her helpless friend backwards onto the bed and helped her pull up her legs, making her lie sideways. "Because I'm not done yet."
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Lisa's senses began to focus, compensating for the loss of sight. Every touch was more intense. The sensation of her mistress' fingers pressing into and massaging her breasts, pinching, pulling and twisting her erect nipples. Her lips and tongue, and occasionally her teeth, caressing her neck and shoulder. Kathy's moans seemed louder and fuelled her own arousal. She could hear chains as Kathy struggled and whimpered.
Lisa herself also moaned softly, She strained and stretched her arms to feign an attempt to resist and enjoyed the tight, strict grip on her neck every time she did. She was a prisoner, a slave, unable to fight, to resist in any form. Her strong, agile body squirmed helplessly under her owner's unrelenting force. Her body screamed for independence and freedom, but Caitlyn was generous and continued to remind her of her proper place.
Caitlyn's teeth dug into Lisa's neck, making the short-haired girl yelp and stiffen. Instinctively, her arms moved back, against the attacker's body. The teeth released, but instead, her mistress took a firm grip of her hair and shoved her pet forward, pressing her into the rug. She could hear Kathy gasp. She was close, almost right in front of her.
"You're awfully resistant today, Lisa.", Caitlyn snarled, leaning over her, "You do not seem to appreciate what I do for you."
A shiver ran down Lisa's spine, one of arousal and danger at the same time.
"I'm sorry, mistress.", she replied, "I am very grateful for everything, mistress."
The grip didn't loosen.
"Is that so? Then you won't mind asking nicely, would you?"
"Please continue, mistress.", Lisa whimpered, "I beg you, give me more, mistress."
Caitlyn's other hand came down hard on her slave's ass, making the tattooed girl cry in excitement.
"You like this, don't you? You like it when I hurt you, you perverted slut."
"Yes, mistress! Please more, mistress!"
Lisa's bikini bottoms were pulled down and three more slaps followed, each accompanied by excited yelps. Caitlyn pulled her slave back up into the kneeling position, one hand in her hair, one on the strap connecting her bonds with her collar.
"See how good I am to you, slut?"
"Y-yes mistress, thank you..."
"Now, I will allow you to use your hands. But use them only on yourself and do not leave this position. Do you understand, slut?"
"Yes, mistress, I understand."
"Good girl."
The strap was removed, the belts opened and the sleeves slowly slipped off. Only the tight collar stayed on. Lisa stretched her arms for a moment and let her hands rest in her lap. Her crotch was aching for attention, but she resisted and waited obediently. Kathy's moans were as intense as before, now mixed with audible breathing and short shrieks of built-up tension. Lisa's hands itched. Her mistress' hands rested on her shoulders. She made her wait, intentionally, because she resisted before.
"You may start now.", Caitlyn whispered.
Immediately, Lisa pressed two fingers into her crotch and moaned in excitement, as she pressed her other hand into her chest, fondling her left breast.
"Cum any time you want."
"Th-thank you, mistress!", Lisa strained to answer.
Caitlyn's hand touched her cheek and turned her head. Their lips met and their tongues began to intertwine and play. The soft, loving touch of her kiss, so much different from her harsh discipline, tricked a sigh to escape her pet.
Kathy's voice broke into a long scream of arousal, which sent Lisa into her own orgasm.
I was very surprised to see how many people actually like that little story I came up with.
I was even more surprise when I learned that some of those people actually watch me.
That has caused me to think about the whole thing.

For one, I definitely want to continue the main project that is "Bondage Sleepover".
However, with the introduction of Mia's sister Jane I have been considering if I should also focus on her and her partner more.
Also, I feel like I could write other stories as well, all with the topic of bondage in mind, mostly.
I'm considering fanfiction and possibly other smaller projects of my own.
Though as I said, I don't want that to gain absolute priority over my main project.

I would like to know what my watchers think of that, I would gladly welcome feedback of any kind.
Also, I still have notes for character profiles though that would be trivia information above all else, nothing really important.

One last thing I'd like to say:
I have no update schedule. I will update when I can and when I feel like it.
With that said,
Leo out



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