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Lauren checked the time and looked over her setup. She had positioned a chair so she could look straight at the full-length mirror on the wall. Her office chair was right next to it, the items she would need laid out on it.

A pair of handcuffs was already tied to the backrest of the wooden furniture with a piece of string. The keys were deposited on a low table a few feet behind the chair, in a bowl with a small number of other keys, all of which similar in size, but only one of them would open the cuffs.

Lauren looked over everything one more time and made sure the right keys were in fact in the bowl, before picking up her cell phone for a security call.

"Caitlyn, this is Lauren. If you don't hear from me in an hour or so, I'm probably stuck, so please come check on me. You know where I keep my spare key." She ended the voice message, made sure it sent properly, and put the phone down again. Caitlyn checked her messages frequently and today was her day off, so even if she would mess up, someone would come save her.

Walking back to the chair, she pulled off her shirt and jeans and taking off her glasses, leaving herself in her black underwear, while keeping her hair styled in a loose ponytail, getting ready to begin.

First, she picked up her toy meant to keep her company during the next half hour at least, which was an average-sized vibrating dildo. Slipping her panties down her thighs, Lauren slowly led it into her, biting her lip, until she thought it far enough in. Slipping the panties back on, a small bulge was visible where the bottom part of the toy peeked out.

Sitting down on the chair, she looked at herself in the mirror and took a quick breath, going through every step again in her head. As she readied herself, she took a medium width black leather collar form the office chair, placed it around her neck and carefully pulled it tight.

Taking a length of rope, she started tying her ankles together, leaving a long slack which she passed through under the chair, raising her legs a bit, tying off the slack at the back of the chair, so her legs would remain suspended.

Taking more rope, she wound it above and below her knees and tied it off tightly, pressing her legs together. The movement caused the dildo to readjust slightly, enticing a low, humming moan from her.

Next, she took the black harness ballgag waiting for her and pushed it into her mouth, just past her teeth. She pulled the straps tight and connected them at the back of her head. Taking in a deep breath through her nose, she moaned loudly into the gag on purpose. It muffled her voice excellently and it filled out her mouth well.

She took a look in the mirror and examined herself. The gag already made her drool down her chin slightly and together with the collar drove home the humiliating image she had in mind. There were only two steps left.

Taking the last item from the office chair, the remote, she turned it on, setting it to a pre-made program. The vibrator would start off on the lowest of it's five settings, slowly increase over the first twenty minutes, and eventually end up alternating between the third and fifth setting, before going back to the low stages if she was stuck for too long. As soon as she pressed to confirm, the toy came to life and her body shivered, a low moan barely passing by her gag. Putting the remote back onto the chair, she pushed it away, out of reach.

Not losing any time now, she reached behind her back, taking the handcuffs tied to the backrest, and locked her wrists in.

She closed her eyes and breathed calmly. Her preparations were complete. Now, she could take some time to relax before she would attempt to scoot the chair over to the bowl of keys.

She let her thoughts drift away, thinking about other things. She thought about her sister and how her relationship seemed to evolve. About her programming projects and what to do about some of the problematic instances.

And somehow her thoughts drifted to the young woman she had met at her job recently. The short goth with a particular interest in chains. The same person she had later identified as a cosplay blogger, who was now also doubling as a new model and assistant for Caitlyn.

Should she ask the photographer to introduce them? Or should she try to run into her "by chance" when she was at her place, taking shoots? Both would probably make her seem desperate or creepy, she thought to herself. Maybe there was no easy way to--

The vibrator kicked into the second setting. Lauren winced and opened her eyes. She looked around for the time, but the clock was out of sight from her position. She must have been contemplating for at least five minutes now.

The toy teased a moan out of her, just as she looked back to the mirror. With saliva dripping down into her chest and the collar and gag sticking out, her legs twitching but unable to move much, her arms locked in behind her back, she looked exactly like she had hoped she would: Helpless, trapped, humiliated.

She took a quick breath and leaned forward as much as she could - which wasn't that much, surprisingly - and moved back quickly, at the same time attempting to pull at the chair with her cuffed wrists. The chair moved backwards the tiniest bit.

Lauren huffed and looked around, trying to discern how much distance she covered, but there was no way for her to know. She closed her eyes for a moment and repeated the manoeuvre a few times before taking a short break again. She could see and feel her breasts jiggle every time, her saliva dropped onto her thighs when she leaned forward and her wrists started to ache from pulling and being locked in so tightly.

After a few more tries, the vibrator kicked up into the third setting. By now, Lauren's body was asking for more, even without her consent. Her crotch was wet, her nipples stood hard and a continuous flow of moans and whimpers passed by her gag.

Trying to move the chair had gotten more difficult as well. Her movements were less coordinated and they were already barely effective before, for all she knew. She tried not to move too frantically either, out of fear of tipping the chair over, even though she had actively attempted to in the planning stage and had found it to be too heavy to be toppled.

Lauren lost track of time quickly in situations like these. The only indicator for her that fifteen minutes had passed was when the vibrator increased it's intensity once again. It was pushing her closer to climax and she had to stop and rest. The constant buzzing, constant stimulation, made her body twitch and shiver occasionally. It was unreliable and the desire started to take over her mind as well.

Lauren dug her teeth into the hard rubber gag and looked ahead into the mirror. She was further away, no doubt, but it was still hard to judge the distance she had left towards the table. She looked far more messy up than she had anticipated. Her ponytail had started to come loose, she was slightly bent over, her legs struggled weakly in the tight bonds.

Just a few more minutes and the vibrator would go into the alternating stage. If she didn't try to calm down now, she would be absolutely useless by then. Taking a few long breaths, she relaxed and tried to shift forward a bit, but couldn't. Her breathing became faster as she gave into the stimulation and only moments later her first orgasm shook her body, making her strain against the ropes and cuffs briefly.

When she recovered, the vibrator had already gone back down one level, meaning it had now entered the alternating stage. Which told her that she had been trapped for at least twenty minutes now. She had planned to have reached the table at this point.

Taking another breath and another look at the mirror, she set to moving again. Her body obeyed her again, but it was weakened and the random bursts of increased vibration often threw a wrench into her rhythm.

She didn't know how much time passed, the number of bursts was no indication, but after a few more sets of moves, she felt her fingers bump into something. She turned her head to try and see over her shoulder, though she knew she couldn't. Extending her fingers, she could feel the plastic bowl, but it was not yet close enough.

Grunting, she bent forward again and shoved the chair back another bit. Extending her fingers again, she could feel the edge of the bowl and tried to bend her fingers around it to pull it closer. She gasped in celebration as she got a decent grip and managed to pull the bowl far enough under her hands to start looking for the right key.

The first one was wrong, it didn't even fit into the keyhole. The second went in but wouldn't turn, so she had to pull it out again and drop it.

As she reached for the bowl again, the vibrator burst into the highest setting and her body shivered in response. Her hands shook and the bowl tipped. Lauren shrieked in shock as heard the many keys fall off the table. She gripped with her hands and managed to catch one with her pinky, pressing it against the palm of her hand. Her heart beat quickly and she stared back at the mirror. Were there more keys on the table? How many fell down? was this the last one? How high was the chance this was the right one?

Her heart was beating furiously as she carefully moved her hands, trying to take the key properly and turn it so she could try to use it. It almost fell twice and each time she felt like her heart skipped a beat.

Finally, after several bursts, which made her grip the key in fear of dropping it, she managed to hold it properly and navigate it towards the keyhole. It moved in seamlessly and fit perfectly. Lauren sighed in relief and turned the key to free herself. But it didn't turn. Lauren's heart sunk. It wasn't the right key. She tried turning it desperately, but it didn't move. Forcing muffled curses into the gag she slowly worked it out again and let it drop to the floor.

Extending her fingers again, she tried to reach for as much table as she could, but all of it was empty. No keys, no bowl, if they were still on the table, she could not reach them. She looked into the mirror, defeated. She had messed up.

She hadn't expected this. Caitlyn was just a backup plan, one she didn't think she'd actually need. By the time Caitlyn would get here, she was going to have showered and changed and cleaned up and just drink a coffee with her, but now... now she actually had to wait for her to come and save her.

And she didn't know how long it was going to take her. After an hour she was supposed to come see her, but something over twenty minutes had passed until now. Twenty-five? Thirty? There was at least thirty minutes until someone would come to find her. At least ten of which would still leave her to the random setting of the vibrator.

She could feel herself getting close again. This feeling was new, this feeling of complete and absolute helplessness. Someone had always been there, right there with her, or she had a way to free herself. But now, she was all alone and there was no way for her to get out.

The doorbell rang. Lauren looked up in surprise, breathing heavily. It rang a second time and she considered calling out, but would they even hear her? After a bit of silence, a key turned in the lock.

"Lauren, it's me!" She recognized Caitlyn's voice and sighed in relief. An hour had passed, help was here.

The college student came into the room and put down her purse, walking straight over to her and getting a quick idea of the setup. Taking the remote, she quickly turned the vibrator off and stepped over to the chair. Lauren already lowered her head, so she first opened the straps on the harness gag and carefully removed it.

Lauren sighed deeply and closed her aching jaw. Despite the drool, her mouth was dry and she couldn't talk just yet.

Caitlyn quickly got a glass of water from the kitchen and helped her drink it.
"There. How do you feel?" she asked carefully.

"Better." Lauren said weakly, closing her eyes. "Thank you for coming."

"Poor thing. I'll get you out." She started again with the legs, getting them free and helping her to carefully set them down, then loosening the ropes on her ankles and knees.

"Do you have a spare key or will I have to search?"

"There's one in my nightstand, top drawer."

Ten minutes later, Lauren breathed a long sigh of relief as she sat down on her couch. She was freshly showered, dressed in a warm pair of work-out pants and a hoodie, her glasses back on her nose and a cup of tea in her hands.

"I was really starting to panic back there. I didn't think that could happen."

"That is why you call me." Caitlyn said reassuringly as she sat next to her. "Now just relax. It happens to the best of us."

Lauren leaned back and sipped her tea, grateful for just her friend's presence.

"Lyn... I want to talk about your new assistant."
Guiding Me XXVIII -- Alone with her Thoughts
Whoo, long chapter!
I've been planning this one for a long time,
so the first part is planned out really well and the ending is really rushed.

Any kind of feedback is welcome and encouraged.

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"Hello, Pearl's Bondage Service, how can I help you?"

She smiled at the friendly voice on the other end.

"Yes, hi, I would like to book a session?"

"Certainly, Miss, is that an assistance home service or full domination?"

"Full domination, please." She licked her lips in anticipation, looking back down at the magazine ad. "Oh and I'd like to book that as an all-nighter."


The building looked inconspicuous enough. It appeared more like a small shop, except for the posters in the windows and the name sign above the entrance.

Diana pushed open the door and headed towards the reception desk. The busty secretary smiled sweetly and greeted her. Diana recognized her voice from the phone call. After confirming her name and request code, the secretary directed her towards the staircase leading down.

The stairs led her through a sound-proofing glass door into a short corridor, leading up to a wooden door, labelled as "play room". She stopped in front of it, hesitating for the first time. Her heart was beating in her chest, sending shivers through her body based on anticipation alone. Raisin her hand, she was just about to knock as the door opened.

Pearl was significantly shorter than she appeared in the photograph, but no less erotic. Her predatory eyes sized her up with a small smile before she stepped aside, letting her in.

"Welcome. Come on in." she said in a sultry voice. The room was dimly lit, a large bed on one wall, several other appliances on the other and many different bondage items on shelves or hangers on the third.

"Go ahead and undress." Pearl commanded more than offered, closing the door and locking it, before heading towards a table that already had a few items laid out. Diana complied and took off her coat, her shoes, her skirt and her sweater, leaving her with nothing more than a frilly white set of lingerie, which was so thin that it was almost see-through, leaving little to the imagination.

Returning to her, with some items in hand, Pearl looked over Diana's body again, licking her lips.

"You know how to dress for the occasion." she noted as she put a hand on Diana's shoulder, pushing her down onto her knees rather roughly. "You and me are going to have a good night of fun." Brushing her long, dark hair aside, the mistress put a white leather strap around Diana's neck, fastening it tightly, a tiny lock clicking into place.

"I'm sure you know the ground rules." Pearl whispered, leaning down to her client, giving her a good view of her open cleavage, "But just to be extra sure. As long as you wear this" She yanked lightly at the D-ring in the collar. "you will refer to me as 'Mistress' and not talk back to me, are we clear?"

"Yes, Mistress." Diana answered obediently, her heart beating faster. She could already feel arousal seeping through every part of her body.

"Good." Pearl smiled and yanked a bit harder, pulling her slave to her feet. "Then let's waste no time and get started."

Madeline closed the front door. Since Pearl was booked out for the night, there was no point in keeping it open. For the rest of the night, she was on nothing more than phone duty. Opening one button on her top, she sat behind her desk again, sighing softly.

She was still new to this particular business, and the thought of her employer getting busy with the beautiful client from earlier right now, just one floor below her, made her body feel hot, despite the air conditioning.

She shook her head and tried to think about something else, staring at her computer screen. The company logo desktop did not help one bit.

Slowly, her eyes wandered down to a closed application on the bottom bar. She really shouldn't. It was only there for security purposes, she shouldn't.

Madeline looked up at the door, as if someone could enter any moment. Which was impossible.

Her eyes went back to the application. Slowly, the cursor moved over it.

The sheets on the bed were soft and comforting, much more appealing than any other bed she had ever slept in. Although maybe part of that came from her sensitivity. With a satin blindfold over her eyes and the excitement she was already feeling, any touch felt more intense.

Diana's wrists and ankles were locked in white padded leather cuffs, the same as her collar. Rope fed through the small rings on the wrist cuffs tied them to the bedposts, making the young woman spread her arms. Her ankle cuffs were connected and several white bondage straps wrapped around her thighs and calves, digging into her skin lightly.

If she listened closely, she could hear Pearl's steps on the padded floor, as she stepped around the bed, seemingly gathering her next tool. The steps moved closer and she felt a weight on the mattress next to her. She gasped lightly as the mistress' soft fingers touched her belly.

"I hope you're feeling secure, slave." she addressed her, her tone soft but growing harsher at the last word.

"Y-yes. Thank you, Mistress." she brought out, feeling the delicate fingers trace over her body, running along her lower chest and down to her hips.

"Hmm, you are so well-behaved." She could feel Pearl lying down next to her, her fingers tracing up to her modest chest. "It's good to see you know your place." She grabbed at Diana's left breast harshly for a moment, then softly ran her fingers back down. "But just to make sure you won't be rude to me, I have a little present for you."

She sat back up and something jingled lightly. "Open your mouth." she commanded and Diana complied, feeling something pressed against her lips. "Wider." Pearl said strictly and shoved the ballgag between Diana's teeth as she stretched her jaw open. Diana raised her head so the gag could be buckled, breathing out as it dropped back onto the soft pillow.

Madeline bit her lower lip. Her eyes darted around every now and again, as if someone could be watching. The screen of her computer showed live footage of the playroom, from a camera settled nicely into one of the dark corners. The sound quality was poor, but good enough for her to discern everything.

She really shouldn't be doing this. The thought crossed her mind several times, but it was too captivating for her to resist. Watching Pearl and the client, her hand pressed against her crotch and her lips pressed together, she did her best to stay quiet, even though no one would hear her regardless.

Something softly touched Diana's side, something ticklish. She tried to suppress giggles, but was unable to. The soft touch of the feather danced over her belly and her chest, leaving her twisting and shifting, the first levels of laughter building behind her large gag.

"So sensitive... You weren't kidding when you told Maddy you'd be ticklish." Pearl's voice held much more enjoyment than earlier. The playful tone increased Diana's arousal even more.

"So what if I try it here?" The feather moved down and over Diana's thighs, increasing her soft struggling and quickening her breaths. "Hold still now." The mistress pushed her slave's legs into the sheets and let the feather dance down to her feet. As soon as it brushed between her toes, Diana shrieked into laughter and bit down tightly on the gag in a futile attempt to resist more sounds.

Pearl grinned as she picked up Diana's kicking legs, holding them securely under arm. She moved the feather along, brushing the undersides of her slave's toes as she went from gap to gap, twisting and twirling the soft feather. Diana's body spasmed, her arms and legs pulling at the ropes and Pearl's tight grasp, as the laughter - coupled with soft moaning and whining, as well as pitiful attempts at begging - grew louder, tears running down her cheeks from under the blindfold.

The feather disappeared from her feet, but the mistress didn't let up, tickling Diana's soles with her fingers, making her scream and laugh even louder. Soon, any other sensation disappeared from her consciousness, nothing but the soft torture and the helplessness remained, pleasure building up from both and soon begging for release.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Pearl left her feet alone and placed her legs back down onto the soft sheets.

"Now I'll be right back." the playful voice teased, the soft steps moving away as Diana's body was still shaking, building off the laughter and trying to deal with a whole different sensation. The door was unlocked, fell closed and was locked again.

"Y-yes, Miss, thank you for your business. We look forward to seeing you." Madeline ended the call and set the booking with a deep sigh. She had almost been done when her work had pulled her back into reality. Her face a deep red, she pressed her legs together, feeling the dampness between her thighs. With shaking hands, she clicked back onto the camera application, bringing it back up.

"Maddy." She shrieked and jumped in her seat. Pearl was standing at the stairway, her crossed arms pushing her breasts. How did she not hear her coming? The black heels clicked on the tiled floor as the mistress headed over to her secretary's desk. "Are you keeping busy?"

"U-um, I-I, I mean, y-yes, I..." she stammered in a panic, her face turning to an even deeper shade of red.

Pearl turned the computer screen to look at it. "Hm, yes. Clearly." She calmly walked around the desk and with emphasis placed a roll of black bondage tape on the surface. Reaching over, she minimized the camera screen and closed the call system. "If you're this bored, I have something else to do for you." she said sharply.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't--" Pearl grabbed the panicked secretary's chin and cut her off by roughly stuffing a strapless ballgag between her teeth. She quickly pressed the end of the tape roll over Madeline's mouth, wrapping tape three times around her head before ripping it off.

With surprising strength, she pulled the taller woman out of her chair and pushed her against the wall. Madeline didn't resist as the mistress pulled her arms behind her back, connecting them horizontally, wrist at elbow, and wrapping them in tape as well. Shoving her back into the office chair, she sat on her lap, staring into her eyes as she wrapped more tape around Madeline's upper body and the backrest, pushing out her already large breasts.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, Maddy." she whispered with an amused smiled. "Such a naughty girl." Slipping back off, she wrapped more tape around her secretary's thighs and calves. As she rightened herself again, she tossed the almost expensed roll of tape onto the desk. "We will talk more about this some other time." Leaning in, she placed a soft kiss on the tape gag, sighing softly. "But first, I have something else to finish."

Madeline watched as Pearl walked away, her heart beating against her chest as if it wanted to break out. A frustrated moan was heard over her headset.

Diana almost winced as the door was unlocked again. The steps came back to her.

"Well? Have you calmed down?" Pearl climbed up onto the bed, straddling her slave's thighs. Reaching down, she unbuckled the saliva-covered gag and pulled it out. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, Mistress." Diana sighed softly as she could finally relax her jaw. "Thank you, Mistress."

"Yes, I see that." Pearl's fingers ran over the exposed belly and down to Diana's soaked panties, making the woman gasp lightly. "I hope you didn't expense all your energy already... the night is still young." Diana gulped, but didn't get to answer before her mistress' fingers found her breasts again, groping them harshly. "I think you had enough of a break, don't you?" She pulled down the bra, exposing Diana's modest breasts to the air. She leaned further down, her hair falling over her shoulders and tickling her slave's skin as she extended her tongue, flicking the right nipple with the tip.

Diana gasped loudly and bit her lip, her arms pulling at the ropes instinctively. Her breathing quickened again, her heart beating faster and her throat pushing moans and gasps, whether she wanted it to or not. Pearl's fingers, lips and tongue went to work on her breasts, making her nipples harden and her skin crawl with torturous excitement.

The soft fingers ran down over her breasts and across the flat belly, pushing slowly into the frilly panties.

"M-Mistress..." Diana gasped softly, twisting under Pearl's touch. "P-please, Mistress, may I cum?"

"Already?" The enjoyment was clear in her voice. "Are you sure you're ready?" Her fingers brushed over Diana's clit, making her whole body shiver. "Because if you say you'll cum and you don't, I will be very disappointed."

Diana arched her back. "Yes! P-please! Please, Mistress, let me cum!"

Pearl pushed two fingers inside, her thumb continuing to rub Diana's clitoris. With her other hand, she violently groped the left breast, flicking her tongue over the nipple one more time. "Fine then. I'll allow you to cum on the count of five." She bent her fingers and licked her lips, quietly starting to count.

Diana's mind went hazy. She intently listened for her mistress' voice but her own body fought a battle against her discipline, edging her on.


Diana arched her back and bent her legs, clenching her fists and curling her toes, her whole body spasming and jerking as she finally let go under a loud, whining moan.

"Th-thank you, Mistress..." she whispered weakly, a tired smile dancing over her lips.


Despite a hot shower and several hours of sleep, Diana's legs still felt somewhat weak as she walked up to the front door. Turning around, she smiled at Pearl.

"Thank you again. I had a wonderful night." she said gratefully, blushing lightly at the memories.

"Come again anytime. I'm sure we can arrange something."

Pearl watched as Diana left and headed down the sidewalk. Taking her keys, she locked the front door again and headed back to the staircase, heading down and through the glass door.

As she opened the playroom door, a soft whimper greeted her. In the middle of the room, back to the door, a blue-haired woman stood, dressed in black panties, stockings and pumps. Her ankles were forced apart by a long spread bar, her wrist cuffs were connected and raised behind her back, forcing her to bend over. Weights were hanging from her nipples with clamps and drool dropped onto the floor from her ballgag.

"Well then, Maddy." Pearl turned the key in the door. "Let's talk."
Tonight I hit 10.000 Pageviews
I really don't know what to say about it, except, thank you, to everyone.
When I started out, I didn't figure this would go anywhere or I would actually keep going (semi-)regularly.
So, here's to more in the future, I guess.

The truth is, I just felt like I had to address the occasion and I'm actually pretty tired.
Maybe I'll try for a special chapter or short story for the milestone, but only if inspiration strikes, as always.

So, anyway, thank you to everyone who checked out my work and stuff and especially to those who stuck around.
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