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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Kim brushed her hair and washed her face, looking into the mirror one last time before leaving the bathroom, dressed in a comfortable shirt and sweat pants. She passed through the living room, where her roommate was sitting on the couch, in a long shirt and socks, playing a video game with a headset on.

"Hey, Jessica." Kim touched her shoulder, making her pull down the headphones and look at her. "I'm going to sleep. You turn in soon, too, okay?"

"Hm, sure." Jessica mumbled before turning back to her game.

Kim smiled weakly and turned into her bedroom.

"Ah, fucking shit!"

She could hear Jessica's voice very clearly, lying on her side in bed. It had been well over an hour now and she continued cursing loudly.

Groaning with annoyance, Kim rolled out of bed and walked back into the living room. Jessica was leaned forward on the couch, gritting her teeth and staring at the screen, where her character died repeatedly, as the cause of her cursing.

Kim pulled off Jessica's headset.

"I'm trying to sleep, could you turn it down?"

Her roommate mumbled something angrily and took her headphones back, not ready to share her attention.

Kim took a huffed breath and went back into her bedroom, only to return a minute later, better equipped.

The grab and toss took Jessica by surprise and she quickly found herself on the ground next to the couch, headphones and controller slipping off her head and out of her hands, toppling onto the floor near her. Before she could react properly, Kim's weight lowered onto her hips and her arms were pulled back, something wrapping tightly around her wrists.

"W-wait, Kim, what the fuck!?" she called out in protest, trying to twist her arms out of the strong hold, but Kim had quickly tied off the rope, continuing with her elbows.

Jessica grunted and struggled, trying to kick her back, but unable to reach. Her elbows were forced together and she yelped in pain, proceeding to yell profanities at her roommate.

Kim's fingers grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up slightly, holding something in front of her face which she saw just long enough to recognize as a called-up pair of Kim's thick socks, before it was forcefully stuffed into her mouth, which was then sealed shut with several strips of tape.

"HNNNNNGGHMPH!" she screamed, her voice muffled considerably, while she tossed about, trying desperately to at least kick the attacker off as the pressure on her hips lessened.

Kim had turned around to grab Jessica's legs and hold them down, wrapping loops of rope around them, forcing them down as they struggled, tying the rope off securely around her ankles and knees. Jessica protested loudly again as she bent her legs down and connected the ankle and wrist ties, forcing her to arch her back slightly.

Breathing out, her hair a bit dishevelled from the small fight, Kim sat back and looked at the struggling, protesting package with bitter satisfaction.

"There we go... it's time you take a break, too many games aren't good for you."

She patted Jessica's head and got up, putting everything in it's place and turning off the console and TV.

"Well... good night."
Bondage Short: Take a Break
So I just had an idea that didn't fit into any of my continuous works, and wasn't enough to make a full chapter anyway, but I still wanted to share it, so here you go.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
This story contains lesbian tendencies and bondage.

Amelia looked Keyla over, taking a moment to really take in her figure for once. She had occasionally checked her out a few times before - she did get a lot of chances - but almost all of those had been quick glances.
Keyla was slightly taller than most girls their age and had average size breasts, her braided hair so light blonde it was almost white, matching her pale skin that never seemed to tan, no matter how much time she spent in the sun. She looked down at Amelia out of her amber-coloured eyes expectantly, a thin smile on her lips.
"Well... are you going to keep all your clothes on for this?" the dark-haired girl asked finally, weighing the roll of tape in her hand.
"Um, should I take something off?" Keyla looked down at herself.
"Well, you might be breaking a sweat if you struggle. I'd at least leave the blazer... and the necktie."
The taller girl nodded eagerly and started undressing, also getting rid of her shoes and socks in the process. She stood up straight again, dressed in only the white shirt and short skirt of the uniform now.
"Okay, don't move." Amelia moved behind her and took her wrists, wrapping them in tape quickly, closing the other girl's hands into fists and taping them up as well, to prevent her from using magic to get free, just like Keyla had done to her earlier.
Moving up she taped the lower arms together while also wrapping tape around her torso. Taking a step back, she instructed her roommate to try moving.
Keyla turned her shoulders as she tried to wiggle free, but the tape was too strong. She shook her head, smiling happily.
"I'm helpless." she said excitedly.
Amelia bit her lip. Something about her excitement was both unnerving and arousing at the same time.
"Well, okay, sit down." She pushed Keyla onto her bed, making her sit down and kneeling in front of her to take her legs, neatly taping them together from her ankles to her knees.
Keyla tried moving again, finding the restraints to be enjoyably tight once again.
"Okay, then we're done with the tape." Amelia tossed the roll onto her bed and stretched, trying to give off a composed air, though in reality her rising arousal was already driving her crazy.
"I'm not done with you just yet, though." She looked around the room, thinking for a moment, before heading to Keyla's wardrobe, opening to take out a thin scarf. Sitting behind her patient prisoner, she carefully covered her eyes with it, tying it off as securely as possible.
"Do you still see anything?"
"Nope." Keyla twisted again, her arms tensing slightly under the tape.
Amelia nodded and walked over to the other bed again to pick up the gag, walking back to the taller girl, after a bit of hesitation sitting on her lap this time.
"I'm almost done. I'll gag you and that's it, got it?"
Keyla nodded, biting her lip smiling.
"Thanks, Amy.", she said sweetly before readily opening her mouth.
Amelia gulped and slowly pushed the ballgag behind Keyla's teeth, buckling it behind her head.
"Mmmh..." she moaned, struggling and biting down on the gag.
Amelia watched her from up close, biting her lip, noting her crotch getting soaked again. She slowly slid off of Keyla's lap and walking backwards to sit on her own bed. Watching her roommate struggle and listening to her moan, she slipped her hand into her underwear.

Amy clasped a hand over her mouth as she came, her eyes watering and her body shivering, moaning and gasping into her palm. After a few seconds, she relaxed and sighed quietly, looking over to Keyla, who was lying down on her side, struggling and moving, quiet grunts and moans passing the gag.
After regaining a bit of her stamina, Amelia slowly got up and moved over to her, running her hand over Keyla's thigh.
"Mmh!" she gasped, turning her head as if to look at her, moving her legs a bit.
"Are you having enough fun by yourself? Or do you need more help?"
"Mmmh..." she moaned pleadingly.
Amelia smiled, scheming a little surprise. She rolled Keyla on her chest and grabbed hold of her legs, holding them under her arm. her fingers danced over the soft soles of her feet, enticing giggles from her.
She carefully kept moving her fingers faster by the second, exploring more of her soles with her quick-moving fingertips, quickly turning her prisoner's giggling into muffled laughing and making her struggle in her grasp, her restrained voice growing higher in pitch the longer she continued the tickling, until she started to press out desperate moans through her laughs that sounded like begging. Amelia continued for a little bit longer before leaving it be and giving Keyla time to recover.
The pale girl's breath came deeper and occasional giggles still came through, as her chest was rising and sinking visibly.
"Mmh-mh!" she whined finally, moving as best as she could to get her roommate's attention again.
"Are you already done?"
Keyla nodded, a rare blush covering her cheeks.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
This story contains elements of bondage and lesbian tendencies.

Amelia's struggles were all in vain. The tape clasping her legs and arms - and most importantly, her hands and wrists - was unrelenting, the way her arms were taped to her sides forcing her hands to her ass when she relaxed, and the gag kept her from swallowing properly, making her drool on her pillows. Panic soon made way for frustration as she screamed and tossed, to no result other than working up a sweat.
When she turned her head all the way to the side, she could barely make out the clock and try to check the time. Though she had to narrow her eyes and strain them, as her glasses had dislodged and fallen off, now lying uselessly next to her pillow, on the edge of the bed. From what she could make out, it had been nearly three hours, which would mean that Keyla would come back soon and hopefully let her go free.
Amelia had more than enough time to think, when she took a break from struggling, to wonder why Keyla did what she did. To wonder how much she knew about why they were put in a room together. If she did know, was she trying to teach her a lesson? If she didn't, why would she react in such a way in the first place? It occurred to her that she barely knew anything about the tall girl, aside from her general friendliness and that she liked candy. Which wasn't much, after all, everyone liked candy, to a degree.
The key turned in the door again.
"It's me~" she chirped as she walked in, slamming the door shut with her hip.
Immediately, Amelia picked her screaming and complaining back up, glaring in her general direction.
"Aww, you sound upset." Keyla put her book down and walked over to Amelia's bed, squatting to be on eye level. "You didn't have fun?"
She did. Her panties were soaked and it had started running down the inside of her thighs, though she didn't get to finish.
"Hnnngrr!" she answered instead, straining her arms as if to break the tape, which, of course, was impossible.
Keyla's lips curled into a pout as she tilted her head, looking at her gagged friend.
"Aww and I thought you'd like it if it was harder. It's no fun when you can just get out, right?"
Amelia stopped and thought for a moment. She spoke about it like from experience. Before she could start complaining again, Keyla reached over and unbuckled the gag, carefully pulling it out of her mouth and putting it on the floor. The raven-haired victim gasped and sighed, closing her aching jaws and swallowing.
"You could at least ask if I wanted help." she said finally, forgetting about the accusing tone she had wanted.
"But wasn't it better that way?" She tilted her head again.
"T-that's not the point! Just... just get me out..."
Keyla shrugged and stoop up, reaching down to her hands to carefully peel off the tape. Amelia sighed in relief as she finally got to move her fingers again. While Keyla worked on her wrists and arms, she slowly made a circling motion with her index finger to peel the tape off of her raised legs, guiding it by magic.
When she was finally free again, Amelia stretched and moaned, relaxing her tired, aching limbs.
"What were you thinking!?" she barked out of nowhere, remembering that she was supposed to be angry at her roommate, making the pointy-eared girl jump.
"I- I was just- I-I thought you were trying to have fun!" she stammered, shifting and generally looking like a child caught stealing. "I just wanted to help you..."
"Help me!? Who helps people like that!? Your best help would have been to ignore me!"
Keyla looked at the ground ashamedly, crumpling tape in her hands. Amelia sighed and put her glasses back on.
"How do you know about that anyway?"
"I had a friend I used to play tie-up with..." she said quietly, carefully peeking at her to see if she was still supposed to be ashamed. "I thought you might want to play with me..."
Play with her. The phrasing left a weird feeling in Amelia's chest and nethers. A strange mix of arousal and curiosity, with a hint of dread.
"Okay... maybe I'll play with you." she mused slowly "But we tell no one about this, do you understand?"
Keyla's eyes lit up and she nodded eagerly. She quickly picked up the roll of tape and handed to her.
"It's my turn now!" she exclaimed excitedly.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
This story is a sequel to Magic Self-Bondage Mishap: Enchanted Chains. If you haven't read it, it may be advisable to do so first.

This story contains elements of bondage and lesbian tendencies.

Amelia looked at the clock. It would still be a few hours until her roommate would return from her afternoon classes. Plenty of time for her to enjoy herself.
It had been a few weeks since the raven-haired magic student had attempted to use said magic in more... debatable ways. Her mentor, Miss Sivillia, had gotten wind of it and had turned it against her. She still remembered her punishment vividly, could hear Miss Sivillia's anger in her voice and, even worse, her disappointment and could feel her ass cheeks burning from the spanking she had gotten. Additionally, she had moved her into a single room with a classmate. Not only to watch her but for her own safety as well, the young teacher had assured her, due to her recklessness.
Keyla, the girl she was now sharing a room with, was a little strange but Amelia didn't mind her presence. In fact, they did get along well. But for what she wanted to do right now, she didn't need her around.
Amelia retrieved a small box from under her bed. Inside, there were rolls of duct tape, a red ballgag and a pair of handcuffs. Amelia had purchased these items during her recent holidays and had made sure to hide them from everyone. She didn't want to rely on magic anymore, after it had backfired last time. There was a simple command spell on the cuffs that made it easier for her to close them and would also let her open them if she couldn't reach the key. It was nothing too complex. This way, she would be in control the entire time. And the key would be close to her the entire time anyway.
Losing no time, she put the items on her bed and looked down at herself, thinking about her clothes and hair. Her black curls were falling over her shoulders, framing her face. She decided to tie them in a bun and looked around the room for a hair band, spotting one on Keyla's side of the room.
She won't mind if I borrow it. she thought and grabbed it to style her hair.
She kept her glasses on, another precaution she found to be invaluable after last time, and ran her hands over her uniform. It consisted of a white dress shirt, dark-blue necktie and a short black skirt. She also had chosen to wear dark tights. The black blazer was lying on a chair at the end of the bed. She took off the necktie and opened the top button of the shirt before getting to work.
Lying on the bed, she put her legs together and started wrapping them in tape, using magic to let the roll circle her legs as they held them up. After just a few moments, her calves were wrapped in a silver layer and she quickly repeated the process for her thighs. Trying to move her legs, she immediately felt how useless the attempt was. She bit her lip as a warm feeling started to form in her. Later, when she was done, she would be able to use the same technique in reverse to unwrap the tape again.
She bend her legs and sat up, taking the gag and slowly pushing it behind her teeth. A moan escaped her as she closed her lips around it and gently bit into the rubber after having secured the tight strap.
Next was the tape again. She stuck the end to her shoulder and started moving it with magic again. Holding her arms to the sides and just moving her index finger to guide the roll, she had it wrap around her torso, above and below her breasts, pinning her arms to the side. She separated the roll and let it drop down next to the bed and reached for the handcuffs and keys behind her. The keys were there, well in reach. Reassured, Amelia closed the cuffs lightly around her wrists and activated the command spell to make them close tightly on their own.
She dropped to the side and took a deep breath, carefully stretching and struggling, feeling the tight wrapping holding her captive. Already she could feel herself getting wet. She closed her eyes and imagined a situation in which someone was holding her captive, getting into the mindset and conveniently forgetting she control she had over her bindings. She struggled and turned, moaning and whining behind the gag.
The student wiggled for a long time, trying to escape the grip of the tape and the strong arms of her imaginary mistress, secretly enjoying the predicament. She could feel her panties getting soaked and the fabric of her bra stretching over her hardened nipples.
A key turned in the door.
Amelia stopped and listened. This wasn't right! Keyla was the only other person to have a key to the room and she was supposed to have afternoon classes! Had she really forgotten the time and been tied up for hours!?
The door opened and her roommate stepped in. Keyla was taller than Amelia, but that wasn't anything new, Amelia was shorter than pretty much everyone else her age. The girl's hair was a very light blonde, almost white, and kept in a short braid. Her skin was very pale her ears were slightly pointed, betraying a non-human heritage, but her overall appearance was was very friendly and inviting. Amelia had always been a bit jealous about how she could eat as much as she did and still retain her killer figure.
"Oh, so you are here, Amy!", the girl chirped with her usual friendly tone, letting the door fall shut behind her.
Amelia stared up at her. The shock of having been caught was still fresh, but it was even more shocking that the blonde did not seem shocked at all.
"I just forgot something, I'll leave you be in a second~!" Keyla walked over to her desk and grabbed a book, before turning to the door to leave again, but stopping halfway and looking back at her dark-haired friend, tilting her head. "Say... is that my hair band?"
"Nnh?" Amelia wouldn't have had an answer, even if she had been able to talk. That was what she took from the situation!?
Keyla quickly walked up to her and pulled the hair band away, letting Amelia's hair fall over her back and shoulders.
"I don't mind sharing stuff, but you gotta ask me first. Hm?" She grabbed Amelia's shoulder and forcibly turned her on her stomach, despite muffled protests. "That's not very secure, is it?"
Amelia could hear the keys jingling and the cuffs opening a moment later. To her further surprise, however, she felt the blonde's strong grip on her wrists next. From the corner of her eyes, she could see her bend down and pick up the tape.
"Whrm hrm hmm dhmmg!?" she tried to ask and struggled, but her roommate was far stronger than she looked.
The tape quickly wrapped around her forearms and wrists, before Keyla forced her to close her hands into fists and wrapped tape all over them as well.
"There we go~!" she chirped, giving Amelia a playful slap on the ass. "You're welcome!"
The steps moved back towards the door.
"I'll check on you later, kay!?" The door slammed and the key turned in the lock.
It took a little while for Amelia to get over what she just experienced and to sort out just what had happened. A creeping feeling of dread came over her as she carefully tried to undo the winding with magic. It didn't work. Of course it didn't, she needed a finger to guide the tape, but she couldn't even move those! She was trapped! Again!
Amelia moved her arms as much as she could, which wasn't a lot, trying to get free somehow, but Keyla had done a very good job. She didn't have a choice but to wait for her to come back.
Helplessness and a slight panic set in, making her struggle and mumble protests and curses, but nothing helped. Somehow, her foolproof setup had backfired once more and left her at the mercy of her roommate.
And it made her so unbearably horny.
!Legend of Korra Series Finale Spoiler Warning!

First of, let me start by saying... YES! IT IS CANON, B*TCHES!

Sorry to everyone who doesn't watch the show or who is expecting fetish stuff, but I'm just gonna use this chance to celebrate.
I've been shipping Korrasami since day one and I never expected it to become like this and I am so very, very happy.
I was in a dark place until earlier today because a lot of stuff happened and I'm not doing well at University and many other things but this... this just made everything else so meaningless. In a good way.

I just can't find the words to say how exhilarated I am because of this. I didn't even believe it at first. When they were walking towards the portal I thought "Wow, this is already pretty obvious. I'm so happy." but then they held hands and turned towards each other and GAWD DAYM!

Of course, this is also a great step for the LGBT community, but I don't like pushing that point and I'm getting off topic.

I love you. I love everybody. Everything is great.

And I'm sorry for Varrick and Zhu Li whose great moment was overshadowed.
Don't worry, I adore you too, craziest married couple in the Avatar Universe.

Again, I love you. All of you.
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