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Rain drummed against the windows, the humid air wafting in through the slightly opened windows. It was another cool day among an otherwise hot summer, presenting a good opportunity to get close and comfortable again.

Lisa sat on the bed in her room, cross legged, coils of cotton rope lying next to her, ordered by length. She rested her head on her hand, waiting patiently for her partner to come back.

"Okay, I got it!" Kathy announced from the other room and quickly came back, kneeling behind Lisa, putting her phone down next to her. Lisa looked over her shoulder, only to have her head turned back by the cheek.

"About time, what did you need so badly?"

"Nothing, shut up." Kathy grabbed her roommate's arms and held them next to her sides. "Stay still like this. And straighten your back." To drive home the point and stop more questions for the moment, she ran her index finger down the back of Lisa's light, white shirt, over her spine, making her shiver and straighten immediately.

She grabbed one of the longer ropes and doubled it, running it around Lisa's shoulders and over her breasts, pulling the ends through the loop, only softly pulling at it to reduce the slack. Then, she wound it around again, below her breasts this time. She repeated this again, doubling up the bonds, careful to line them up and keep the rope flat against her sub's body.

Lisa held still, letting her friend work, but was not about to shut up yet. As long as she could still talk, she would talk.
"Hey, did you hear about the store thing?"

"Hm? What do you mean?" the redhead asked casually, straightening the rope and carefully laying it over Lisa's shoulder.

Lisa looked down as Kathy came closer and looked over her shoulder, carefully feeding the rope through the loops below her breasts, pulling it back up to her other shoulder.
"The bondage store my sister works for. It looks like they want to do shootings to show off some of their stuff. And they might get Lyn and the others to do it."

"Hmm, that could be interesting. I mean, that would be the first professional thing they do." Kathy fed the rope back through the anchor loop at Lisa's back, pulling it just a bit tighter again, pushing the athlete's breasts out with the harness. Pulling it tighter bit by bit, she pushed two fingers under the rope by Lisa's left breast, to make sure it wasn't too tight.

"Yeah, well-- oh, shit" She bit her lip as the rope tightened further, her nipples already hardening under the thin shirt, the fabric clearly stretching over them, held back by the bonds. "Um... Oh, yeah, the new girl, Abby, is probably gonna model for that, if Lyn agrees to it."

"Mhm, probably. So?" Kathy paused to look at her phone and swipe, before going back to the anchor and carefully pulling two loops to guide Lisa's arms into, loosening the harness a bit to make it easier.

"Laurie has a crush on her." Lisa grinned and tried to look over her shoulder to see Kathy's reaction. The redhead paused for moment.

"You're kidding me."

"No, I'm absolutely serious. She was in her store once before she showed up on the blog and apparently she totally lost it over her."

Kathy fell silent for a moment as she guided Lisa's arms in the loops and carefully pulled them closed, winding more rope around her bare skin to support her arms better.
"Did you ever notice all our friends are lesbians into bondage?" she said finally, pushing her hand to Lisa's back and pulling the harness and arm bondage tight again.

Lisa bit her lip again and attempted to move her arms after the securing knots were done, but they wouldn't budge.
"I know. I guess that's just fate. I mean, it's not like I'm complaining."

Kathy tested the rope again and making sure one more time that it was just tight enough to hold and restrain, but not too tight to get uncomfortable.
"I guess so. ... Okay, I'm laying you on your chest now."

Lisa got up on her knees and carefully lowered herself, with Kathy's help, her head resting on one of the pillows. She shifted a bit and strained her arms to feel the harness.
"This is pretty good. Did you have lessons while I wasn't looking?"

Kathy set some more rope and her phone aside and moved to straddle Lisa's legs, taking a small metal ring and starting to tie it into the slack rope of the harness and arm tie.
"Something like that." she fended off and swiped on her phone again.

"Wait, are you looking this up? You're tying me by instruction?"

"Nothing wrong with that. It works, doesn't it?" She looped in the ring and tied off the rest of the rope to remove the slack.
"So don't complain or I'll make you regret it." she added playfully, lightly slapping Lisa's panty-clad butt.

Lisa bit her lip and made a purring noise, wiggling her butt a little bit.
"Oh yeah~? And how would you do that?"

Kathy set the rope aside she was preparing and leaned closer over the tied girl, running her hands over her bare sides under the shirt. She gently caressed her skin before moving her fingers individually to start tickling her.

"Ah! N-no!" Lisa immediately started laughing and moving away from the quick fingers. "Not that! I got it, I'll shut up!"

Kathy didn't listen and started tickling her faster, grabbing onto her sides and pressing her own chest against her back and arms, licking and biting at her ear.

Lisa laughed and struggled, trying to beg her to stop through hurried breaths, trying to kick at her with her legs.

"Stop! Kathy, s-stop, please!" she cried out, making her partner finally back off. She took a few quick breaths to calm down and closed her eyes.

Kathy moved off of her and grabbed the rope again to continue where she had left off. As Lisa was still giggling slightly, she pulled off her socks and put her bare legs together, raising them. She looped a folded rope around a couple of times before crossing the ends and wrapping them around the middle before tying it off. She repeated the same above and below Lisa's knees, leaving her long legs firmly bound.

"That's that. How is it?"

Lisa moved her legs, bending them up and stretching them.
"Secure. Can't move them apart." she confirmed with a smile.

Kathy nodded and took one last rope. Folding this one as well, she led it through secure loops on the lower leg ties, tying it off to hold it in place before bending Lisa's legs forward to loop the rope through the metal ring at the harness anchor. Leading it back twice, she finally pulled it tighter carefully, bending Lisa's legs further down into the hogtie, until she decided she had folded them in enough and tying the rope off, securing it back at the ankle tie.

"That's it. I'm done."

Lisa took a deep breath before struggling and tossing around, trying to find some kind of flaw, a loose knot or slacked rope, dropping on her side as she did.
"Uff..." She breathed out. "Nope. Nothing. I can bend my legs a little more, but that doesn't do anything. The connecting rope doesn't tug at my arms, though, that's nice."

Kathy smiled happily and lay down next to her, running a hand up her thigh.
"I'm glad you like it. And I'm glad you can't escape."
She grinned and ran her hand up further, brushing a finger against Lisa's crotch. The young woman strained and gasped, biting at her lip to keep quiet.

Kathy slid closer, running her fingers back over her roommate's hip to her ass, sliding her fingers under the fabric and gently grabbing one cheek. Slowly, she approached further, until their breasts touched and the tips of their noses were only inches apart.
"Lisa." she said softly, staring into her eyes, running the other hand through the short hair. "Kiss me."

Lisa closed the gap with no hesitation and locked lips with her friend, moaning softly.
Guiding Me XXIX -- Now Kiss
Yay, this one just flowed out of my pen!
Or, you know, my keyboard.

Please leave comments and criticism, thank you.

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This game is not entirely my own idea, but merely based on an existing work.
Please read the description for more information.



This game is very easy to play.
All you need is two players (or one player rolling for two characters), a couple of dice and the instructions in the stages following below.
Choose characters, roll dice as indicated and follow instructions to guide you through a bondage adventure!

The dice needed are: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20
Don't have all those dice? No problem! Check the description for helpful links.

Any more questions? If not, go ahead and proceed to [STAGE 1] below!



Choose one of the characters to play as or roll a D8 to determine one.

1) The Knight: You're a female warrior and hero of the realm, able to use the sword and shield in battle. Recent armor upgrades have not been kind to you.
Your Battle Stage is 2-A

2) The Elf: You're an Elven mage, capable of many ways of magic. You wear figure-hugging robes and carry a powerful staff.
Your Battle Stage is 2-B

3) The Witch: You're a young woman engrossed in the dark arts of summoning and potion brewing. You light robes are rounded off with the traditional broom.
Your Battle Stage is 2-C

4) The Maid: You're a professional servant, trained in cooking, cleaning and obedience. You honestly have no place in a combat scenario, so... good luck.
Your Battle Stage is 2-D

5) The Catgirl: You're a playful beastkin, quicker and more flexible than regular humans. Your curiosity tends to get you in trouble.
Your Battle Stage is 2-E

6) The Dominatrix: You're a tall, dominant mistress, clad in leather and wielding a whip, among other instruments. Your experiences gives you a great advantage in bondage scenarios.
Your Battle Stage is 2-F

7) The Vampire: You're a creature of the night, in search for blood with your enhanced senses. Perhaps you will find a new servant among the others.
Your Battle Stage is 2-G

8) The Magical Girl: You're an average Japanese school girl. ... Just kidding, you transform into a Soldier of Love and Justice!
Your Battle Stage is 2-H

Both combatants look at their respective Battle Stages, determined by their choice of character, and roll a D20 to perform a unique action.
Unless the roll is 1 or 20, instantly deciding the match, both combatants roll a D12 and add or subtract any bonuses indicated by their unique action.
If both players roll a 1 or both players roll a 20, reroll for unique actions.
After applying bonuses, the combatant with the higher Battle Strength is determined the winner and the game moves on starting from Stage 3.
If the Battle Strength is tied (after applying bonuses) move on to Stage 7 instead.

[STAGE 2-A] The Knight
1) You rely on your skimpy armor too much and pay the price as your opponent hits you in the stomach. INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) You grab your sword with both hands, readying for battle.
6-9) Your opponent teases you about your getup and you instantly become flustered. If your opponent is The Catgirl or The Dominatrix, reduce your Battle Strength by 3
10-13) You notice that you forgot to buy potions, leaving you at a disadvantage. Decrease your Battle Strength by 2
14-17) You bash the opponent with your shield, leaving them open for you to strike. Increase your Battle Strength by 4
18-19) You draw your new sword, a rare drop you received from farming a raid boss. Add a D6 to your Battle Strength roll
20) You pull out all the stops and perform your lvl 50 Limit Break! INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 2-B] The Elf
1) You attempt to use a binding spell on your opponent, but it backfires. INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) Your power flows through you and you lift a few inches off the ground, preparing for battle.
6-9) You stop short of using a spell as you have forgotten the words. You quickly check your spellbook, leaving you open to attacks. Reduce your Battle Strength by 3.
10-13) You fire lightning bolts at your opponent.
14-17) You create duplicates to attack the opponent for you. Increase your Battle Strength by 3.
18-19) You lock eyes with your opponent and speak a command spell. You can force your opponent to reroll for Battle Strength once.
20) You summon spirits to capture and hold down your opponent. INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 2-C] The Witch
1) You summon a lesser demon to attack your opponent, but it decides to turn on you instead. INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) You panic and forget all your abilities, whacking the opponent over the head with your broom instead.
6-9) You set a magic trap, hoping to catch your opponent off guard. If your opponent is The Knight or The Dominatrix, increase Battle Strength by 2. If your opponent is The Elf or The Magical Girl, decrease Battle Strength by 2
10-13) You summon lesser familiars to distract your opponent. Increase Battle Strength by 3
14-17) You decide to toss your crystal ball at the opponent, but your hand slips and it shatters on the ground right next to you. Decrease Battle Strength by 2
18-19) You quickly grab a potion and chug it. Roll a D6. If the result is 1, 2 or 3, increase Battle Strength by 4. If the result is 4, 5 or 6, decrease Battle Strength by 4
20) You harness all your knowledge of the dark arts and transform yourself into a succubus. INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 2-D] The Maid
1) You trip and drop your glasses. You can hardly see without them and are pretty much helpless. INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) You cheekily but ineffectively flutter your feather duster at your opponent's face.
6-9) You offer refreshments to your opponent and quickly smash the tray into their face as they come close. Increase Battle Strength by 2
10-13) You dropkick your opponent out of nowhere. Increase Battle Strength by 3
14-17) You succumb to your habits and bow, addressing your opponent as "Master". As you notice that something is wrong with this, they are already at you, taking advantage. Decrease Battle Strength by 3
18-19) You push up your glasses. An unnaturally threatening air surrounds you, intimidating your opponent. Your opponent cannot increase their Battle Strength.
20) You make use of your superior balance and elegance, catching your surprised opponent off-guard. INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 2-E] The Catgirl
1) You yawn, stretch and roll up to take a nap. INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) You claw at your opponent to get the first strike.
6-9) You try to use your natural cuteness to charm your opponent. If your opponent is The Maid or The Magical Girl, increase Battle Strength by 2. If your opponent is The Knight or The Elf, decrease Battle Strength by 2
10-13) You hop from one foot to the other, preparing to dodge incoming attacks.
14-17) You hiss at the opponent to intimidate them. If your opponent is The Witch or The Magical Girl, increase Battle Strength by 3
18-19) You use your instincts and intuition to gauge the situation and take the best action. Roll for Battle Strength twice and use the higher result.
20) Your superior speed completely overwhelms your opponent. INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 2-F] The Dominatrix
1) You attempt to crack your whip at the opponent, but it tangles around your heel and you fall as you pull. INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) You crack your whip at the enemy to intimidate them.
6-9) You shout your opponent down with harsh insults.
10-13) You size up your opponent and imagine what you could do to them once you win, boosting your own morale.
14-17) You crack your whip right across your opponent. Increase Battle Strength by 3
18-19) You grab a riding crop and make more use of your pointed heels. Add a D6 to your Battle Strength roll
20) You snap your whip around your opponent's legs and pull them off their feet. INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 2-G] The Vampire
1) There's sunlight. Do I need to say more? INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) You make use of your vampiric charisma to charm your opponent, leaving them briefly helpless. Increase Battle Strength by 4
6-9) You immediately attack the opponent head-on, wasting no time.
10-13) You get distracted with contemplating the meaning of your immortality and don't notice the opponent approaching right away. Decrease Battle Strength by 2
14-17) You avoid rays of light so no one sees your skin sparkle, limiting your area of combat. Decrease Battle Strength by 2
18-19) You summon bats from inside your coat, blinding your opponent and giving you the opportunity to attack. Increase Battle Strength by 3 and decrease the opponent's Battle Strength by 2
20) You get the jump on your opponent, grab them tightly from behind and dig your fangs into their neck, sucking their blood. INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 2-H] The Magical Girl
1) Your transformation fails and you remain a regular school girl. INSTANT DEFEAT
2-5) You strike a cute pose, announcing your arrival and intention.
6-9) You declare that Evil shall never win! If your opponent is The Witch or The Vampire, increase Battle Strength by 3
10-13) You try to plead with your opponent to stop fighting. If your opponent is The Knight, The Elf or The Catgirl, increase Battle Strength by 2. If your opponent is The Witch, The Dominatrix or The Vampire, decrease Battle Strength by 2
14-17) A gust of wind blows by and you quickly hold down your skirt, embarrassed. Decrease Battle Strength by 2
18-19) You use the Magic of Friendship and Love to calm your opponent and make them less willing to fight. You can force your opponent to reroll for Battle Strength once
20) You release your entire strength and engulf your opponent in the Power of Love! INSTANT VICTORY

[STAGE 3] Winner of Stage 2 roll D10
1-2) The winner attempts to pin down the loser but the loser manages to escape, attacking again. (Go back to Stage 2)
3-4) The winner jumps at the loser, but the loser dodges and takes the chance for a counter attack! (Go to Stage 4)
5-6) The winner gets on top of the loser (Go to Stage 5)
7-8) The winner grabs the loser's legs (Go to Stage 6)
9) The winner knocks down the loser and proceeds to tie them up completely (Go to Stage 13)
10) reroll

[STAGE 4] Loser roll D6
1-2) The loser attempts to counter attack, but the winner brings them down again, getting on top of them (Go to Stage 5)
3-4) The combatants are locked in a stalemate! (Go to Stage 7)
5-6) The loser has become the new winner! (Roll D4. 1-2: Go to Stage 5 ; 3-4: Go to Stage 6)

[STAGE 5] The winner begins tying the loser's arms. Winner roll D12, then go to Stage 8
1) You put the loser's wrists in handcuffs behind their back
2) You tie the loser's wrists and elbows with rope
3) You put the loser's arms and torso in a box tie
4) You put the loser in a tight straitjacket
5) You put the loser's arms in an armbinder
6) You strap the loser's arms to their torso with leather belts
7) You tie the loser's wrists with zip ties
8) You separate the loser's wrists with a spreader bar, attached to a collar
9) You put the loser's arms and torso into a leather harness
10) You tape the loser's wrists and hands together
11) You mummify the loser's arms and hands with tape
12) You summon magical chains that wrap around the loser's arms and torso

[STAGE 6] The winner begins tying the loser's legs. Winner roll D10, then go to Stage 9
1) You put the loser's ankles in metal shackles
2) You tie the loser's thighs and ankles with rope
3) You put the loser into a frogtie
4) You strap the loser's legs together with leather belts
5) You put a spreader bar on the loser's ankles
6) You tie the loser's ankles with zip ties
7) You tape the loser's thighs and ankles together
8) You mummify the loser's legs with tape
9) You summon magical bonds that wrap around the loser's legs
10) reroll or choose freely

[STAGE 7] The combatants are evenly matched! Both must roll a D6. The combatant with the higher result must roll a D6
1) You quickly gain distance from one another and the battle continues! (Go back to Stage 2)
2) During the struggle you accidentally handcuff your wrists together. Looks like you're stuck with each other for a while. THE END
3) You manage to take down your opponent, pinning them down, and become the winner! (Roll D4. 1-2: Go to Stage 5 ; 3-4: Go to Stage 6)
4) Your opponent trips you and runs away laughing. THE END
5) Your opponent grabs you and pins you down! You are now the loser. (Roll D4. 1-2: Go to Stage 5 ; 3-4: Go to Stage 6)
6) As the both of you fight, someone approached from behind and takes you out instantly. You both awake in bondage, your bodies pressed against one another in the bonds. THE END

[STAGE 8] The loser is fighting back! Loser roll D6
1-3) You try kicking at the winner to get free. (Roll D4. 1-2: Go to Stage 10 ; 3-4: Go to Stage 11)
4-6) You scream for help! (Roll D4. 1-2: Go to Stage 12 ; 3-4: Go to Stage 14)

[STAGE 9] The loser is fighting back! Loser roll D8
1-4) You try to fend off the winner with your arms, but they grab your wrists and continue to tie you up. (Go to Stage 13)
5-6) You manage to shove the winner off of you and quickly get out of the restraints, ready to take them on again. (Go back to Stage 3)
7-8) You manage to punch the winner in the face, wiggle out of the restraints and run! Better be free to fight another day. THE END

[STAGE 10] The loser tries to attack the winner with their legs but fails. Winner roll D10, then go to Stage 14 or 15
1) You put the loser's ankles in metal shackles
2) You tie the loser's thighs and ankles with rope
3) You put the loser into a frogtie
4) You strap the loser's legs together with leather belts
5) You put a spreader bar on the loser's ankles
6) You tie the loser's ankles with zip ties
7) You tape the loser's thighs and ankles together
8) You mummify the loser's legs with tape
9) You summon magical bonds that wrap around the loser's legs
10) reroll or choose freely

[STAGE 11] The loser kicks the winner in the stomach, wiggles out of the restraints and runs away. THE END

[STAGE 12] Loser roll D6
1-2) No one comes to your rescue. (Go to stage 14)
3-4) You lean up and kiss the winner, distracting them long enough to get up and escape. THE END
5-6) You beg the winner to let you go. The winner my decide to free you or move on to Stage 14.

[STAGE 13] The winner completely ties the loser's body. Winner roll D6, then go the Stage 14, 15 or 16
1) You put the loser in a strict hogtie
2) You mummify the loser's body with tape
3) You put the loser's body in chains
4) You put the loser into a full-body harness
5) You put the loser into a straitjacket and strap their legs with leather belts
6) You summon magical bonds to put the loser into full-body bondage

[STAGE 14] The winner grabs the loser's chin and gags them. Winner roll D10, then go to Stage 16. If you haven't been to Stage 15, you may go there instead.
1) You strap a ballgag into the loser's mouth
2) You put a muzzle gag on the loser
3) You put a ring gag on the loser
4) You put a bit gag on the loser
5) You strap a harness ballgag onto the loser's face and lock it
6) You tape over the loser's mouth
7) You stuff the loser's mouth and wrap tape over their lips, cheeks and chin
8) You put a cloth gag in the loser's mouth
9) You stuff the loser's mouth and tie a cloth gag over it
10) You cast a spell to seal the loser's mouth shut

[STAGE 15] The winner decides to blindfold the loser before moving on. Winner roll D4, then go to Stage 16. If you haven't been to Stage 14, you may go there instead.
1) You place a leather blindfold over the loser's eyes and lock it
2) You pull a leather hood over the loser's face
3) You tie a piece of cloth over the loser's eyes
4) You cast a spell to seal the loser's eyes shut

[STAGE 16 - END STAGE] The winner has the loser completely tied up and at their mercy! Winner roll D10 or decide what to do with your victim yourself!
1) You put a leash on the loser and parade them around to proclaim your victory. THE END
2) You put the loser in a suspension tie and leave them on display. THE END
3) You put clamps and vibrators to the loser's sensitive bits to torture them. THE END
4) You spank the loser until they're sore. And then some. THE END
5) You tickle the loser, making them laugh and thrash in their bonds. THE END
6) You make the loser your pet. THE END
7) You make the loser into your personal slave. THE END
8) You release the loser and make peace with them. Making friends is more valuable than making enemies. THE END
9) You cuddle with the loser, drifting off to sleep after the exhausting encounter. THE END
10) You and the loser live together happily ever after. THE END
The Bondage Encounter VS Game
This game is based on the fantastic text game by the talented :iconpascalsage: which can be found here:…

Furthermore, here are some helpful links to simulate dice rolls:…

And with that, everyone, please have fun!

Mature Content

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Lauren checked the time and looked over her setup. She had positioned a chair so she could look straight at the full-length mirror on the wall. Her office chair was right next to it, the items she would need laid out on it.

A pair of handcuffs was already tied to the backrest of the wooden furniture with a piece of string. The keys were deposited on a low table a few feet behind the chair, in a bowl with a small number of other keys, all of which similar in size, but only one of them would open the cuffs.

Lauren looked over everything one more time and made sure the right keys were in fact in the bowl, before picking up her cell phone for a security call.

"Caitlyn, this is Lauren. If you don't hear from me in an hour or so, I'm probably stuck, so please come check on me. You know where I keep my spare key." She ended the voice message, made sure it sent properly, and put the phone down again. Caitlyn checked her messages frequently and today was her day off, so even if she would mess up, someone would come save her.

Walking back to the chair, she pulled off her shirt and jeans and taking off her glasses, leaving herself in her black underwear, while keeping her hair styled in a loose ponytail, getting ready to begin.

First, she picked up her toy meant to keep her company during the next half hour at least, which was an average-sized vibrating dildo. Slipping her panties down her thighs, Lauren slowly led it into her, biting her lip, until she thought it far enough in. Slipping the panties back on, a small bulge was visible where the bottom part of the toy peeked out.

Sitting down on the chair, she looked at herself in the mirror and took a quick breath, going through every step again in her head. As she readied herself, she took a medium width black leather collar form the office chair, placed it around her neck and carefully pulled it tight.

Taking a length of rope, she started tying her ankles together, leaving a long slack which she passed through under the chair, raising her legs a bit, tying off the slack at the back of the chair, so her legs would remain suspended.

Taking more rope, she wound it above and below her knees and tied it off tightly, pressing her legs together. The movement caused the dildo to readjust slightly, enticing a low, humming moan from her.

Next, she took the black harness ballgag waiting for her and pushed it into her mouth, just past her teeth. She pulled the straps tight and connected them at the back of her head. Taking in a deep breath through her nose, she moaned loudly into the gag on purpose. It muffled her voice excellently and it filled out her mouth well.

She took a look in the mirror and examined herself. The gag already made her drool down her chin slightly and together with the collar drove home the humiliating image she had in mind. There were only two steps left.

Taking the last item from the office chair, the remote, she turned it on, setting it to a pre-made program. The vibrator would start off on the lowest of it's five settings, slowly increase over the first twenty minutes, and eventually end up alternating between the third and fifth setting, before going back to the low stages if she was stuck for too long. As soon as she pressed to confirm, the toy came to life and her body shivered, a low moan barely passing by her gag. Putting the remote back onto the chair, she pushed it away, out of reach.

Not losing any time now, she reached behind her back, taking the handcuffs tied to the backrest, and locked her wrists in.

She closed her eyes and breathed calmly. Her preparations were complete. Now, she could take some time to relax before she would attempt to scoot the chair over to the bowl of keys.

She let her thoughts drift away, thinking about other things. She thought about her sister and how her relationship seemed to evolve. About her programming projects and what to do about some of the problematic instances.

And somehow her thoughts drifted to the young woman she had met at her job recently. The short goth with a particular interest in chains. The same person she had later identified as a cosplay blogger, who was now also doubling as a new model and assistant for Caitlyn.

Should she ask the photographer to introduce them? Or should she try to run into her "by chance" when she was at her place, taking shoots? Both would probably make her seem desperate or creepy, she thought to herself. Maybe there was no easy way to--

The vibrator kicked into the second setting. Lauren winced and opened her eyes. She looked around for the time, but the clock was out of sight from her position. She must have been contemplating for at least five minutes now.

The toy teased a moan out of her, just as she looked back to the mirror. With saliva dripping down into her chest and the collar and gag sticking out, her legs twitching but unable to move much, her arms locked in behind her back, she looked exactly like she had hoped she would: Helpless, trapped, humiliated.

She took a quick breath and leaned forward as much as she could - which wasn't that much, surprisingly - and moved back quickly, at the same time attempting to pull at the chair with her cuffed wrists. The chair moved backwards the tiniest bit.

Lauren huffed and looked around, trying to discern how much distance she covered, but there was no way for her to know. She closed her eyes for a moment and repeated the manoeuvre a few times before taking a short break again. She could see and feel her breasts jiggle every time, her saliva dropped onto her thighs when she leaned forward and her wrists started to ache from pulling and being locked in so tightly.

After a few more tries, the vibrator kicked up into the third setting. By now, Lauren's body was asking for more, even without her consent. Her crotch was wet, her nipples stood hard and a continuous flow of moans and whimpers passed by her gag.

Trying to move the chair had gotten more difficult as well. Her movements were less coordinated and they were already barely effective before, for all she knew. She tried not to move too frantically either, out of fear of tipping the chair over, even though she had actively attempted to in the planning stage and had found it to be too heavy to be toppled.

Lauren lost track of time quickly in situations like these. The only indicator for her that fifteen minutes had passed was when the vibrator increased it's intensity once again. It was pushing her closer to climax and she had to stop and rest. The constant buzzing, constant stimulation, made her body twitch and shiver occasionally. It was unreliable and the desire started to take over her mind as well.

Lauren dug her teeth into the hard rubber gag and looked ahead into the mirror. She was further away, no doubt, but it was still hard to judge the distance she had left towards the table. She looked far more messy up than she had anticipated. Her ponytail had started to come loose, she was slightly bent over, her legs struggled weakly in the tight bonds.

Just a few more minutes and the vibrator would go into the alternating stage. If she didn't try to calm down now, she would be absolutely useless by then. Taking a few long breaths, she relaxed and tried to shift forward a bit, but couldn't. Her breathing became faster as she gave into the stimulation and only moments later her first orgasm shook her body, making her strain against the ropes and cuffs briefly.

When she recovered, the vibrator had already gone back down one level, meaning it had now entered the alternating stage. Which told her that she had been trapped for at least twenty minutes now. She had planned to have reached the table at this point.

Taking another breath and another look at the mirror, she set to moving again. Her body obeyed her again, but it was weakened and the random bursts of increased vibration often threw a wrench into her rhythm.

She didn't know how much time passed, the number of bursts was no indication, but after a few more sets of moves, she felt her fingers bump into something. She turned her head to try and see over her shoulder, though she knew she couldn't. Extending her fingers, she could feel the plastic bowl, but it was not yet close enough.

Grunting, she bent forward again and shoved the chair back another bit. Extending her fingers again, she could feel the edge of the bowl and tried to bend her fingers around it to pull it closer. She gasped in celebration as she got a decent grip and managed to pull the bowl far enough under her hands to start looking for the right key.

The first one was wrong, it didn't even fit into the keyhole. The second went in but wouldn't turn, so she had to pull it out again and drop it.

As she reached for the bowl again, the vibrator burst into the highest setting and her body shivered in response. Her hands shook and the bowl tipped. Lauren shrieked in shock as heard the many keys fall off the table. She gripped with her hands and managed to catch one with her pinky, pressing it against the palm of her hand. Her heart beat quickly and she stared back at the mirror. Were there more keys on the table? How many fell down? was this the last one? How high was the chance this was the right one?

Her heart was beating furiously as she carefully moved her hands, trying to take the key properly and turn it so she could try to use it. It almost fell twice and each time she felt like her heart skipped a beat.

Finally, after several bursts, which made her grip the key in fear of dropping it, she managed to hold it properly and navigate it towards the keyhole. It moved in seamlessly and fit perfectly. Lauren sighed in relief and turned the key to free herself. But it didn't turn. Lauren's heart sunk. It wasn't the right key. She tried turning it desperately, but it didn't move. Forcing muffled curses into the gag she slowly worked it out again and let it drop to the floor.

Extending her fingers again, she tried to reach for as much table as she could, but all of it was empty. No keys, no bowl, if they were still on the table, she could not reach them. She looked into the mirror, defeated. She had messed up.

She hadn't expected this. Caitlyn was just a backup plan, one she didn't think she'd actually need. By the time Caitlyn would get here, she was going to have showered and changed and cleaned up and just drink a coffee with her, but now... now she actually had to wait for her to come and save her.

And she didn't know how long it was going to take her. After an hour she was supposed to come see her, but something over twenty minutes had passed until now. Twenty-five? Thirty? There was at least thirty minutes until someone would come to find her. At least ten of which would still leave her to the random setting of the vibrator.

She could feel herself getting close again. This feeling was new, this feeling of complete and absolute helplessness. Someone had always been there, right there with her, or she had a way to free herself. But now, she was all alone and there was no way for her to get out.

The doorbell rang. Lauren looked up in surprise, breathing heavily. It rang a second time and she considered calling out, but would they even hear her? After a bit of silence, a key turned in the lock.

"Lauren, it's me!" She recognized Caitlyn's voice and sighed in relief. An hour had passed, help was here.

The college student came into the room and put down her purse, walking straight over to her and getting a quick idea of the setup. Taking the remote, she quickly turned the vibrator off and stepped over to the chair. Lauren already lowered her head, so she first opened the straps on the harness gag and carefully removed it.

Lauren sighed deeply and closed her aching jaw. Despite the drool, her mouth was dry and she couldn't talk just yet.

Caitlyn quickly got a glass of water from the kitchen and helped her drink it.
"There. How do you feel?" she asked carefully.

"Better." Lauren said weakly, closing her eyes. "Thank you for coming."

"Poor thing. I'll get you out." She started again with the legs, getting them free and helping her to carefully set them down, then loosening the ropes on her ankles and knees.

"Do you have a spare key or will I have to search?"

"There's one in my nightstand, top drawer."

Ten minutes later, Lauren breathed a long sigh of relief as she sat down on her couch. She was freshly showered, dressed in a warm pair of work-out pants and a hoodie, her glasses back on her nose and a cup of tea in her hands.

"I was really starting to panic back there. I didn't think that could happen."

"That is why you call me." Caitlyn said reassuringly as she sat next to her. "Now just relax. It happens to the best of us."

Lauren leaned back and sipped her tea, grateful for just her friend's presence.

"Lyn... I want to talk about your new assistant."
Guiding Me XXVIII -- Alone with her Thoughts
Whoo, long chapter!
I've been planning this one for a long time,
so the first part is planned out really well and the ending is really rushed.

Any kind of feedback is welcome and encouraged.
Tonight I hit 10.000 Pageviews
I really don't know what to say about it, except, thank you, to everyone.
When I started out, I didn't figure this would go anywhere or I would actually keep going (semi-)regularly.
So, here's to more in the future, I guess.

The truth is, I just felt like I had to address the occasion and I'm actually pretty tired.
Maybe I'll try for a special chapter or short story for the milestone, but only if inspiration strikes, as always.

So, anyway, thank you to everyone who checked out my work and stuff and especially to those who stuck around.
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