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(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Amelia looked down at the materials and nodded, adjusting her glasses with two fingers. She had placed all of them into a drawer and had added her own items to the collection. The rope was coiled up neatly, ordered by length, the locks were counted and the other items were laid out beside them. The gag, collar and blindfold aside, four leather cuffs had also emerged, each one about four inches wide and sporting several D-rings. Each one would be fastened with two buckles and were enchanted the same way the collar was, making them impossible to remove without magic.

The dark-haired student looked up at Keyla, who had retreated to her bed, reading a book. She studied her appearance for a few seconds before speaking up.

"I'm done. We can start the next round now, if you want." she said cheerfully, already looking forward to experimenting with all the new toys at her disposal and a new victim at hand.

Keyla looked first at Amelia, then at the neatly ordered things, before putting her book away and sitting up.

"We're doing more today?"

"Um, well, only if you want." She rubbed her neck nervously. It occurred to her, that she might be moving a bit fast in her excitement. She certainly didn't want to push anything or appear all too eager.

The blonde girl slipped off her bed and knelt beside her with a smile.

"Sure, I'd love to. I can still go."

Amelia's face flushed and she pressed her lips together, her eyes dancing over Keyla's body before awkwardly looking back at the items before her. She was awfully close.

"O-okay, well... then go ahead and get changed again." She tried to think straight, laying out a plan and inspecting the items she would need, only to be rudely interrupted by Keyla's arms slinging around her body as the taller girl yanked her into a spooning hug, pressing her soft chest into Amelia's back.

"But isn't it your turn?" she asked sweetly, her lips close to Amelia's ear.

"I... uh... I wanted to..." the smaller student stuttered, taken by surprise by the close body contact.

"Amy~" she moaned pleadingly, hugging her more tightly.

"Okay! Okay, I get it! It's fine. I-it's my turn..."

"Yay!" Keyla let go and hopped up. "Take off your shirt and sit on your bed."

Amelia slowly rose to her feet and stepped to her bed, sitting on it in her black underwear after taking off the long shirt. Her body was growing hot and her heart was beating harder, while she imagined all the things Keyla could do to her.

"Put these on." her roommate said cheerfully as she handed her a hairband and the enchanted collar. Amelia gulped but did as she was told, since she knew it was a necessary step. She put her hair up in a high ponytail and then slowly opened the buckle of the collar, putting the soft leather around her neck, buckling it in front.

Keyla moved the items she needed to the side of the bed, close enough to the side so Amy wouldn't see when looking down and the bespectacled student didn't dare to take an obvious peek. Her light-skinned friend climbed onto the bed, sitting beside Amelia.

"Are you ready?" she asked with a soft smile and, at a nervous nod from her partner, touched the collar with her fingertips, letting magic flow into it. In response, the collar tightened subtly, while immediately shutting off all magic in Amelia's body. She gasped and widened her eyes slightly, but caught herself again, taking a breath. With this, she was at Keyla's mercy.

"You okay?"

Amelia nodded again, smiling awkwardly at Keyla. "You can keep going."

Keyla nodded and bent down to take something off the ground. Taking Amy's arms, she put them together behind her back and started winding rope around her wrists, tying it off carefully but strictly. Using the long slack, she tied her elbows by tying her arms together below and above them, winding rope between her elbows to keep her from wiggling free.

When Keyla bent back down for the next item, Amelia moved her arms, testing the ropework. the soft rope lightly dug into her skin, just enough to feel strict. The grip sent shivers through her body and she bit her lip, saving her moans for later.

Keyla slipped off the bed and sat in front of her, looking up. "By the way do you want it super comfortable or super strict?" she asked openly, already holding another length of rope.

Amelia thought for a moment, looking down at her captor and continuing to test her bonds so far. "I'd like it strict..." she said finally, blushing heavily at the request. "But not for too long, okay?"

The blonde nodded with a confirming sound and stood back up, taking Amelia by the shoulders and having her stand up straight. Taking the rope, she looped it once around Amy's waist, just below her belly button, pulling it tight and tying it off in the front, leaving a long tail. Bending back down, she measured the rope by pulling it between the thighs - making Amelia turn an even darker shade of red - and tied two knots in it, very close to one another. As she stood back up, she led the rope through the legs, carefully pulling it tighter and feeding it through the back of the waist rope.

Amelia pressed her lips together, keeping in another moan as the rope stretched against her crotch, leaning against Keyla's soft chest as long as she was standing. She silently hoped the taller girl hadn't noticed the dampness in her panties yet.

Tossing the tail on the bed, Keyla made Amy sit again and knelt in front of her, taking more rope to start binding her knees and ankles. It ended up being similar to the arm ties, soft but strict, not cutting in too much but holding her tight enough to keep her from moving.

Amelia felt more and more of her freedom slip away. By now, she was already helpless. Keyla could be doing anything to her right now and there would be no way for her to fight back. A subtle panic crept through her, making her struggle for real for a moment, gasping as all her movements were fruitless. The panic quickly turned back into excitement, however, when she looked down at the other girl, who was smiling at her calmingly.

"Um, y-you're really good at this." she said slowly.

"You think so? Thanks!" Keyla picked up something else and sat beside her again, dangling the black ballgag in front of Amelia's face. "Before we continue, let's put this in, okay?"

Amelia stared at the gag, swallowing hard. "I-isn't that one a little too big, though?"

"You said you wanted it strict." She held it at the ends of both straps, moving it closer to Amy's lips. "Say aaah!"

Amelia took another breath and then slowly opened her mouth as wide as she could. The gag hovered in front of her, not moving, Keyla looking at her expectantly. "Aaah..." the tied girl finally complied, earning herself an approving chuckle from her friend, who now set the gag between her lips, carefully pulling it further in by the straps. It didn't go past her teeth, but it was still lodged securely and when the straps tightened, the first uncontrolled moan rolled past it.

"Okay!" Keyla hopped up again. Considering the activity she was strangely energetic about it. "Now let's get you on your belly. I'll help you." She waited for Amy to lean to the side, towards her pillow, and helped by lifting up her legs, holding her shoulder and watching carefully, slowly laying her down so she didn't just fall half of the way. Rolling her on her stomach, she sat on the bed again.

Amelia took another breath, this time primarily through her nose. Luckily, her chest was rather modest, average at best, so lying on them didn't both her too much. And if she was spending some time in this position, it was probably better than lying on her already tied arms. She tried looking over her shoulder, her glasses slipping a tiny bit.

"We're almost done." Keyla assured her as she ran her fingers over her captive's legs and arms, stopping at the ropes and lightly tugging at them to see if they were secure. She ran her hand back down from the arms, crossing over Amelia's ass and giving it a soft squeeze, which prompted a muffled response from the gagged victim.

"I'll finish up now." Taking the ankle tie, she pulled Amelia's legs back as far as they would go, making her grunt and gasp for a moment. Holding the ankle and wrist ties close to one another, Keyla picked up the tail from the crotch rope, winding it around both ties and tying it off tightly, leaving only the tiniest bit of slack.

Amelia's arms and legs were stretched further and the tugging at her crotch became a lot stronger, the first knot pressing directly against her most sensitive spot. She gasped in surprised and moaned in arousal, her body jerking and struggling in response, but there was no move she could make. The strict hogtie was unrelenting, giving her no room and leaving no slack for a quick rest. If she tried to relax her limbs, her legs would try to unfold, which in turn would pull at her crotch, dragging both knots over her womanhood. To keep it from tightening, she had to bend her arms and legs down, which in itself was exhausting.

"Okay, done!" Keyla announced, climbing off the bed. "Have fun!" With a short giggle, she slapped Amy's ass, making her yelp into the tight gag and struggle more, any movement just serving to make her gasp and moan again.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Amelia slowly peeled off the last bit of tape from Keyla's hands, sitting beside her on the bed.

"There we go. Now you can sue the shower." she said with a sigh and gathered up the expended tape.

As Keyla stretched with a happy hum and hurried into the small bathroom - which was one of the perks of the double rooms -, Amelia cleaned up, having already used the shower while Keyla had still been taped up, now dressed in a fresh pair of panties and a long nightshirt. She didn't really plan on leaving the room any more today.

She through away the used tape and put away the gag she had already cleaned and dried off, and inspected the sheets of both beds. Neither had been stained by the girls' fluids and the drool on Keyla's pillow was of minor importance.

With another sigh, she sat on her bed, listening to the running water and her roommate's humming for a few seconds before lying down and starting to think.

Ideas started to flood her mind, all sorts of possibilities that opened up to her now. And for most of those, she had to gather supplies. She started making a mental list before getting up to get a note pad to write it out.

Keyla looked over the list, sitting on her bed, dressed in sweat pants and a long-sleeved shirt, her long legs folded beneath her.

"That sounds about right." she said finally, looking up with a somewhat deadpan expression.

"The stuff at the top should be easy to get, we might have to modify some of it though. I did something like that before, so... I'm sure nothing can go wrong, if we both watch out."

Keyla nodded and went over it again. The list started off with belts and straps, as well as ropes, all the way down to gags and other more specific items, which would be harder to get and even harder to explain, should they be found, though Amelia was already taking that risk with the cuffs and the gag already in her possession.

"I have these." Keyla said absent-mindedly, making Amelia perk up.

"Excuse me?"

"I mean, not all of them, but I have stuff." The taller girl looked over to her as if that information was not surprising at all. When Amelia's questioning expression persisted, she put down the list and got up from her bed, knelt on the floor and pulled a duffle bag from somewhere beneath her bed, where her other bags and suitcases were stored, all of which Amelia had thought to be empty.

The raven-haired girl knelt on the other side of it while Keyla pulled back the zipper, letting her look inside. There was uncoiled rope, winding all around, thus it was impossible to tell how many coils there were and how long they were. As Amelia started to pull them out and apart - the plain absence of organization made her stomach turn a bit - she found several other items amidst the chaos, including another ballgag - this one was black and noticeably larger -, a leather blindfold, and several padlocks. At first she thought the keys had gone missing, until she noticed that none of them had keyholes to begin with. Instead, tiny runes were inscribed in them. Anyone could open or close them if they could touch it and tune into the rune's magic.

The final item, however, made Amelia's heart pound. It was a plain black collar, one that some might wear as an accessory, at least at first glance. Small runes were inscribed into the leather, simple but powerful ones. Taking it between her fingers carefully, Amelia deciphered the inscription. It had not been, what she had secretly hoped for, though it still reminded her of the item she had fashioned herself before, the item that had landed her in this room with this person in the first place.

"It seals magic." Keyla explained needlessly. "And it works the same way the locks do. So even when you're hands are free, you can't take it off. My previous partner made it."

Amelia nodded slowly, putting the collar down, feeling a strange measure of respect for it.

"Where did you get all this?" she questioned, looking at the pile of supplies, her fingers itching to start organizing everything.

"Most of them were gifts." The pale girl just shrugged.

"Well, I'm dying to try them."
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Kim brushed her hair and washed her face, looking into the mirror one last time before leaving the bathroom, dressed in a comfortable shirt and sweat pants. She passed through the living room, where her roommate was sitting on the couch, in a long shirt and socks, playing a video game with a headset on.

"Hey, Jessica." Kim touched her shoulder, making her pull down the headphones and look at her. "I'm going to sleep. You turn in soon, too, okay?"

"Hm, sure." Jessica mumbled before turning back to her game.

Kim smiled weakly and turned into her bedroom.

"Ah, fucking shit!"

She could hear Jessica's voice very clearly, lying on her side in bed. It had been well over an hour now and she continued cursing loudly.

Groaning with annoyance, Kim rolled out of bed and walked back into the living room. Jessica was leaned forward on the couch, gritting her teeth and staring at the screen, where her character died repeatedly, as the cause of her cursing.

Kim pulled off Jessica's headset.

"I'm trying to sleep, could you turn it down?"

Her roommate mumbled something angrily and took her headphones back, not ready to share her attention.

Kim took a huffed breath and went back into her bedroom, only to return a minute later, better equipped.

The grab and toss took Jessica by surprise and she quickly found herself on the ground next to the couch, headphones and controller slipping off her head and out of her hands, toppling onto the floor near her. Before she could react properly, Kim's weight lowered onto her hips and her arms were pulled back, something wrapping tightly around her wrists.

"W-wait, Kim, what the fuck!?" she called out in protest, trying to twist her arms out of the strong hold, but Kim had quickly tied off the rope, continuing with her elbows.

Jessica grunted and struggled, trying to kick her back, but unable to reach. Her elbows were forced together and she yelped in pain, proceeding to yell profanities at her roommate.

Kim's fingers grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up slightly, holding something in front of her face which she saw just long enough to recognize as a called-up pair of Kim's thick socks, before it was forcefully stuffed into her mouth, which was then sealed shut with several strips of tape.

"HNNNNNGGHMPH!" she screamed, her voice muffled considerably, while she tossed about, trying desperately to at least kick the attacker off as the pressure on her hips lessened.

Kim had turned around to grab Jessica's legs and hold them down, wrapping loops of rope around them, forcing them down as they struggled, tying the rope off securely around her ankles and knees. Jessica protested loudly again as she bent her legs down and connected the ankle and wrist ties, forcing her to arch her back slightly.

Breathing out, her hair a bit dishevelled from the small fight, Kim sat back and looked at the struggling, protesting package with bitter satisfaction.

"There we go... it's time you take a break, too many games aren't good for you."

She patted Jessica's head and got up, putting everything in it's place and turning off the console and TV.

"Well... good night."
Bondage Short: Take a Break
So I just had an idea that didn't fit into any of my continuous works, and wasn't enough to make a full chapter anyway, but I still wanted to share it, so here you go.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
This story contains lesbian tendencies and bondage.

Amelia looked Keyla over, taking a moment to really take in her figure for once. She had occasionally checked her out a few times before - she did get a lot of chances - but almost all of those had been quick glances.
Keyla was slightly taller than most girls their age and had average size breasts, her braided hair so light blonde it was almost white, matching her pale skin that never seemed to tan, no matter how much time she spent in the sun. She looked down at Amelia out of her amber-coloured eyes expectantly, a thin smile on her lips.
"Well... are you going to keep all your clothes on for this?" the dark-haired girl asked finally, weighing the roll of tape in her hand.
"Um, should I take something off?" Keyla looked down at herself.
"Well, you might be breaking a sweat if you struggle. I'd at least leave the blazer... and the necktie."
The taller girl nodded eagerly and started undressing, also getting rid of her shoes and socks in the process. She stood up straight again, dressed in only the white shirt and short skirt of the uniform now.
"Okay, don't move." Amelia moved behind her and took her wrists, wrapping them in tape quickly, closing the other girl's hands into fists and taping them up as well, to prevent her from using magic to get free, just like Keyla had done to her earlier.
Moving up she taped the lower arms together while also wrapping tape around her torso. Taking a step back, she instructed her roommate to try moving.
Keyla turned her shoulders as she tried to wiggle free, but the tape was too strong. She shook her head, smiling happily.
"I'm helpless." she said excitedly.
Amelia bit her lip. Something about her excitement was both unnerving and arousing at the same time.
"Well, okay, sit down." She pushed Keyla onto her bed, making her sit down and kneeling in front of her to take her legs, neatly taping them together from her ankles to her knees.
Keyla tried moving again, finding the restraints to be enjoyably tight once again.
"Okay, then we're done with the tape." Amelia tossed the roll onto her bed and stretched, trying to give off a composed air, though in reality her rising arousal was already driving her crazy.
"I'm not done with you just yet, though." She looked around the room, thinking for a moment, before heading to Keyla's wardrobe, opening to take out a thin scarf. Sitting behind her patient prisoner, she carefully covered her eyes with it, tying it off as securely as possible.
"Do you still see anything?"
"Nope." Keyla twisted again, her arms tensing slightly under the tape.
Amelia nodded and walked over to the other bed again to pick up the gag, walking back to the taller girl, after a bit of hesitation sitting on her lap this time.
"I'm almost done. I'll gag you and that's it, got it?"
Keyla nodded, biting her lip smiling.
"Thanks, Amy.", she said sweetly before readily opening her mouth.
Amelia gulped and slowly pushed the ballgag behind Keyla's teeth, buckling it behind her head.
"Mmmh..." she moaned, struggling and biting down on the gag.
Amelia watched her from up close, biting her lip, noting her crotch getting soaked again. She slowly slid off of Keyla's lap and walking backwards to sit on her own bed. Watching her roommate struggle and listening to her moan, she slipped her hand into her underwear.

Amy clasped a hand over her mouth as she came, her eyes watering and her body shivering, moaning and gasping into her palm. After a few seconds, she relaxed and sighed quietly, looking over to Keyla, who was lying down on her side, struggling and moving, quiet grunts and moans passing the gag.
After regaining a bit of her stamina, Amelia slowly got up and moved over to her, running her hand over Keyla's thigh.
"Mmh!" she gasped, turning her head as if to look at her, moving her legs a bit.
"Are you having enough fun by yourself? Or do you need more help?"
"Mmmh..." she moaned pleadingly.
Amelia smiled, scheming a little surprise. She rolled Keyla on her chest and grabbed hold of her legs, holding them under her arm. her fingers danced over the soft soles of her feet, enticing giggles from her.
She carefully kept moving her fingers faster by the second, exploring more of her soles with her quick-moving fingertips, quickly turning her prisoner's giggling into muffled laughing and making her struggle in her grasp, her restrained voice growing higher in pitch the longer she continued the tickling, until she started to press out desperate moans through her laughs that sounded like begging. Amelia continued for a little bit longer before leaving it be and giving Keyla time to recover.
The pale girl's breath came deeper and occasional giggles still came through, as her chest was rising and sinking visibly.
"Mmh-mh!" she whined finally, moving as best as she could to get her roommate's attention again.
"Are you already done?"
Keyla nodded, a rare blush covering her cheeks.
!Legend of Korra Series Finale Spoiler Warning!

First of, let me start by saying... YES! IT IS CANON, B*TCHES!

Sorry to everyone who doesn't watch the show or who is expecting fetish stuff, but I'm just gonna use this chance to celebrate.
I've been shipping Korrasami since day one and I never expected it to become like this and I am so very, very happy.
I was in a dark place until earlier today because a lot of stuff happened and I'm not doing well at University and many other things but this... this just made everything else so meaningless. In a good way.

I just can't find the words to say how exhilarated I am because of this. I didn't even believe it at first. When they were walking towards the portal I thought "Wow, this is already pretty obvious. I'm so happy." but then they held hands and turned towards each other and GAWD DAYM!

Of course, this is also a great step for the LGBT community, but I don't like pushing that point and I'm getting off topic.

I love you. I love everybody. Everything is great.

And I'm sorry for Varrick and Zhu Li whose great moment was overshadowed.
Don't worry, I adore you too, craziest married couple in the Avatar Universe.

Again, I love you. All of you.
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